How stock photo websites make money with free casino photos

How do Stock Photo Sites Work? Example with Photos of Casinos

Are you wondering how stock photo websites make money? It’s an interesting question because there are many small details that the average person doesn’t know. When a stock website has the correct structure all parties involved will be happy. 

The stock website can make money by taking a cut of paid photo fees. Photographers can post photos that people can buy using licenses and photo buyers will have access to free photos. There is something on stock photo websites for everyone to feel like they are getting a good deal from the transaction. 

Visitors can find free pictures

Websites such as provide free images for visitors to download. It’s great for people that are short on money and need pictures for free to use as they see fit. The link above is an example of how people can visit a stock web page where they can access free photos. 

Photo searchers should take care only to use free stock images to avoid legal trouble in the future. It’s not allowed to download copyrighted photos that companies own. Legal trouble awaits if you use the wrong photos for personal gain. 

Stock website have paid photos

Most stock websites have paid photos alongside their free offerings. These are usually better than the free versions, which means people are encouraged to buy. Visitors come to the website for the free options but may want to buy a great photo they did not expect to see. 

The paid photos are uploaded by photographers that want to earn money. It’s mostly a way of making bonus money and hardly ever turns into mainstream income. That’s because the revenue generated from stock photos websites is unpredictable. It depends on the search traffic the stock photo website can generate. 

Photographers can upload their photos to multiple websites in the hopes of making more money. They are encouraged to upload unique photos that the website does not currently have in their inventory. 

Type of stock photo licenses

Most stock websites offer 2 different license types, which are as follows:

  1. Royalty-free: this means you can use the paid image as many times as you want without further payment. However, there might be restrictions such as not allowed to be used for commercial gain. You’ll need to read the details in the license agreement. 
  2. Rights-managed: this type of license is based on a pricing scale that is determined based on various factors. It might the number of times an image is used or the duration of use. It could also be the number of viewers that will see the image. 

Final thoughts

This article covers just the basics of how stock photo websites and their photographers make money. The various stock photo websites around the internet have different rules so you need to read them before downloading one of their photos for personal use. Free photos are great but the paid options might give you enough incentive to part with your money.