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Top5 Most Popular Casino Movie Soundtracks

The one common uniting factor in all casino movies is probably a captivating soundtrack. The soundtrack from movies we are talking about literally transports you to your favourite casino, with a blackjack table and a martini bottle by your side.  While a traditional casino may pack in more excitement and thrill, an online casino game, with the most popular soundtracks running, nearly gives you the same thrill. 

So, we assure you won’t miss the brick and mortar casinos as much once you let these enthralling soundtrack beats set the mood for you.

Here are our top picks for the best casino movie soundtracks, ones that will make sure that you do not miss the traditional

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

Ocean’s Eleven movies probably have the best casino movie soundtrack of all time. This classic casino movie stars some of the biggest names in Hollywood. The movie is nearly as awesome as the soundtrack. Packed with star cast power, with George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Brad Pitt in the lead, the movie’s plot shows one of the most famous, or rather infamous casino heists in the history of movies. 

Created by the Philadelphia Orchestra and supported by Perry Como and Debussy, the soundtrack reverberates in one’s minds and ears long after the movie has ended. So, pump up the volume and enjoy the soundtrack.

Casino Royale (2006)

Casino Royale is undoubtedly one of the best James Bond movies. Starring Daniel Craig and Mads Mikkelsen, the movie won many accolades for the sheer thrill and enjoyment it gave to the viewers and fans. The movie plot shows the villain Le Chiffre fight Bond, making it a classic action-packed 007-movie. 

The movie is, of course, backed by a stunning soundtrack, similar to other James Bond movies. The credit for the soy track goes to its creators- the talented Chris Cornell, and David Arnold, the composer. 

Casino (1995)

If you are looking for a classic casino movie, you do not need to look any further. Casino, released in 1995, is the pick for you. Starring Robert DeNiro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci and directed by Martin Scorsese, the movie enthrals audiences with riveting action and thrill. Casino lovers have another reason to love it, besides the name Casino. 

The movie features a soundtrack that sets up the ambience, mirroring a real casino atmosphere. The soundtrack of the movie combines Muddy Water and Roxy Music, so you can imagine the scene is properly set. 


Rounders is another casino movie that oozes all the vibes of a classic casino movie. Starring Matt Damon, the plot revolves around a young, reformed gambler who must return to his casino habits playing poker to help a friend pay off loan sharks. 

Alongside, he must also manage his relationship with his girlfriend. He also has to ensure that by doing all this he fulfils his commitments to the law school he has joined. The movie is backed by an excellent soundtrack, thanks to the creator Christopher Young. If you would like to learn more about the casino industry, check out what author Kate Richards has to say.

The Cooler

The casino movie “The Cooler” has an interesting plot.  It is about a seasoned gambler in an old school Las Vegas Casino, who gets into a romantic relationship with a woman, something that is taboo in his profession. His boss doesn’t like this too much, and the story revolves around that. The movie also has a superb soundtrack created by the wonderful Mark Isham


All these are the most popular soundtracks, and all are masterpieces in their own right. They give you the feel of a real casino while sitting in the comfort of your home playing online casino games.