Ideas To Create The Best Casino Themed Photoshoot

A casino-themed photoshoot is a really original idea, and the images will certainly attract a lot of attention. However, getting it right is not easy and there are many considerations to be made. 

While a photoshoot in your studio or on the beach doesn’t require a lot of preparations, casino-themed photoshoots do. In this article, we will give you some basic tips on how to start your photoshoot sessions with casino ideas. A Polish iGaming expert, Jacek Michałski, shared his thoughts with us. 

Gambling Decorations

If you are not able to do the photoshoot in an actual casino, you will have to buy or rent all the decorations yourself. Shots with people around a roulette, baccarat, or blackjack table are always very popular. Start by buying or renting a green felt-covered baccarat or blackjack table, playing cards, and plenty of chips. If your shots are going to be about roulette, of course, you will have to rent/buy a roulette wheel. 

When people think of casino games, what comes to their mind is usually roulette, poker, blackjack, and slot machines. However, online casinos in Poland offer a whole range of different games too such as bingo or zdrapki internetowe. So, if you are looking for these games, you can easily find casinos that offer them when you visit casino review sites. That being said, these games would not be too exciting on pictures so in your photoshoot it is best to stick to classic games. 

Cocktails, fancy bottles, and glasses are also essential parts of gambling decoration. In casinos, people usually go for cocktails, mocktails, or drinks on the rocks. Decorative glasses should be included in your shots even if they contain iced tea.


Casino settings have crazy lighting and lots of dark spaces. Casinos are designed to be disorientating places where players can lose track of time and therefore stay longer and spend more money. 

Dazzling red and gold lights are characteristics of casinos and you should try to capture them to depict the environment as it is. However, there will be lots of dark shadows on people’s faces, so it is a good idea to use reflectors or the appropriate flashlights. Taking a tripod with you and a shutter release timer is also a good idea. You can try to use longer shutter speeds which will blur moving people and roulette wheels slightly but that will just add life to your pictures.

Shooting Environment

You may not have a chance to visit Vegas, Monaco, or Macau for your photoshoot, but you can use backgrounds that will remind people of these places. Palm trees are associated with Las Vegas, and they look great on casino-themed pictures.

You should find plenty of palm trees around Southern Europe, but you can also visit a botanical garden in your area to see if they have them. Try to get a few neon lights in the background to give that real “Vegas strip” feel and place a few balloons in the foreground. Gaming is set to become Poland’s national bread so we expect to see even more gambling-themed photos on the internet. 


Even though not all casinos require a dress code, most people still associate casinos with fancy cocktail dresses for women and black-tie outfits for men. You don’t necessarily have to go for that perfect James Bond look, however, it is best if your models look like high rollers. This means expensive-looking dresses for women and button-up shirts and suits for men. 

Add Details with Photoshop

Sometimes, you will need the help of Photoshop to spice up those pictures. Some casino theme ideas are impossible to create without photo manipulation. For example, you can take a picture where one or more people are throwing poker chips on the table or in the air. In this case, the chips can be added to the photo at the editing stage so that the chips will look perfectly sharp.


Organizing a casino-themed photoshoot is not easy and you should consider many variables including lighting, decorations, the models’ dresses, and the environment the shots are going to take place in. You can enhance your photos by adding casino items at the post-editing stage.