Editing Photos On Your Phone Or PC Which Is Best


There are proponents of both views. Some people mainly use their smartphones for taking and editing photographs and cannot imagine doing it any other way. When posting to Instagram, they can use the platform for further refining their submissions. Others are adamant that you cannot compare phone editing with what you can do on a PC. We look at the advantages and disadvantages of each option to help you decide what will work best for you in your personal context.

Advantages Of Editing Photos On Your Phone

The main advantage of using your phone for editing that springs to mind is that you virtually always have your phone at hand. There may not be time to get to your PC to do a major edit and time is of the essence to get the picture uploaded. If you run a business from social media, this is another good reason to stick to phone edits. Take a look at the best phone editing apps around. 

Disadvantages Of Editing Photos On Your Phone

The best smartphone editing applications are still no contest compared to what your PC can do with Adobe’s and Lightroom’s PC options. Although these tools are expensive, you can only get them for PCs. Your photos edited by phone may pass muster on Snapchat or Instagram. However, they will not meet professional standards for photography. You can happily use them on social media, but you won’t be winning any competitions. Ultimately, PC editing gives the best results.

Advantages Of Editing Photos On Your PC

As long as you take photos in the RAW on your smartphone, you will have countless options for editing on your desktop. The JPEG file it converts to, which is normally uploaded on social media, is compressed and contains only a third of the original information. The RAW photo will initially seem inferior to the JPEG, but once it has been edited, it would have taken advantage of thousands more brightness levels, and user-friendly editing of white balance, contrast, and exposure.

Disadvantages Of Editing Photos On Your PC

If you need to upload photos on the fly, it will be impractical to lug your laptop around everywhere. Once again, it comes down to how soon the pics are needed. It all depends on your situation.

The Final Decision

Making your final choice on which method is best is very much dependent on how you are personally affected by the advantages and disadvantages of each and what you aim to do with your photography. For a more professional result, you cannot beat a PC for editing. But you may find that using your smartphone is perfect for your needs. The time factor also plays a role. If you can get away with lower quality but need a photo uploaded quickly and it is accessible on your phone then that is the way to go. However, if you cannot afford to scrimp on excellence and can take more time to get the job done right, then you will turn to your PC.

If you are going with a PC for photo editing, you may want to find out more about the differences between integrated and discrete graphic cards for the best functionality, as explained by

Ultimately, you need to be satisfied with the outcome of your decision.