How To Take the Perfect Instagram Photo


Do you have a hard time when it comes to taking Instagram photos and making them look good? Do you want to know how to take the perfect Instagram photo?

It goes without a doubt that Instagram has taken the world by storm. It has quickly become the most popular social media platform around, and just about everyone has an Instagram account, whether they use it just to keep up with other people or are serious about building a brand. Some even buy female followers in an attempt to boost their own social media presence and attract potential sponsorships or collaborations. Regardless of the reason why you’re on the platform, it all comes down to one single thing: a good-quality photo that captures attention.

With its ability to make photos look professional, it is no wonder that everyone and their mother is on the app. If you are someone who wants to up their nstagram game and improve their photos, here is everything you need to know.


Many people believe that taking the perfect Instagram photo is about making it perfect by a specific standard. In reality, a perfect photo is not necessarily part of a standard but rather what a specific audience enjoys. However, with that said, when it comes to Instagram, there is a specific standard that people enjoy, and this is how to achieve that.

The first step to creating the perfect Instagram photo is to find the perfect location. When choosing the right location, you want to find something that is interesting and can add a lot of visual input. This could be anything from a beautiful scenic spot to an urban street with cool graffiti. The key is to find a space that will capture the attention of your followers in particular.


Something that many people struggle with when it comes to having the perfect Instagram photo is the lighting. Many people don’t have a good understanding of basic lighting and how to maneuver themselves around in a frame to get the best lighting possible. 

Although natural light will always be the best, that is not always possible. Whether it is during the day or in the evening, you always want to make sure that there is a light source in front of you to light up your subject or yourself so that you can be seen. However, you want to make sure that you avoid the flash wherever possible, as this can create very unflattering shadows and ruin your photo.


Another thing that many people don’t know when it comes to creating the perfect photo for Instagram is composition. When composing your Instagram photo, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind, such as the placement of you or your subject, the placement of objects around you, and more.

First of all, you should try to avoid clutter wherever possible and only include the essentials in your frame. Secondly, always use the rule of thirds by placing your subject slightly off-center, as this will create a more visually appealing photo. Lastly, always make sure that your photo has a clear focal point so that it is not just an arbitrary photo but rather a photo of a subject.


Once you’ve gone through the process of finding the right lighting, choosing the right location, and even getting the composition right, taking the photo is easy. However, once you have the photo, you should always go through an editing process to make it look even better.

Several editing apps are available to choose from that can help you improve your photo drastically. Some of them are completely free to use, whilst others you might need to pay a small fee for; however, they are worth it. When getting your photo to look just right, try playing around with different filters and effects until you find a look that you like. Try not to go overboard, as this can make your photo look fake or unnatural.


Last but not least, don’t forget to add hashtags when posting your Instagram photo. Hashtags are a great tool to make use of when it comes to increasing your engagement and trying to reach new followers.

When choosing hashtags, try to be specific and use only ones that are relative to your photo as well as to your niche. There are so many different hashtags to choose from, and there is no point in going for the most popular ones if they are not relevant to your content.