Inspiring Photographic TED Talk – ‘How Photography Connects Us’


Followers of will be aware that perhaps the biggest ethos of our wonderful website is the connection that we share. Of course, the basis of that connection is photography and art but it goes much deeper than that. I have lived my life within the depths of photography, since I turned professional thirty years ago. The photography world looked very different then but the emotional core of our wonderful art form has always been been the same. TheAppWhisperer is a community, one where we share what we love, for a multitude of reasons, whether that is professional or personal.

We built this section ‘Inspiring Photographic TED Talks’ within the website some time ago. I find TED talks and their speakers incredibly inspiring. I am also privileged to know many of them and I know personally just how passionate they are about photography.

Please enjoy this one, by David Griffin, formerly the Photo Director for National Geographic, listen/read his language – he uses words such as ‘love’ frequently, feel his enthusiasm. This is a man passionate about photography, as we all are. This is about connection, this is about love.

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