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    Daily App Digest – February 27, 2012

    Latest apps and updates to hit the iTunes app store today… Burst! Burst! tells the story of young Chester who one day awakens to find the skies of his simple world filled with colorful balloons. On investigating, he discovers that these balloons are not as innocent as they appear. Chester must use the special weapons he finds along the way to clear his skies in pursuit of the dark villain Lyndon and his mysterious motives. "We loved making and playing this game," says Tim Wickey of WickeyWare, "and there is just so much more of Chester’s story to be told." Chester’s story picks up after he has destroyed Lyndon’s factory…

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    Daily App Digest – January 23, 2012

    Latest apps and updates to hit the iTunes app store today… Biography Biography for iPad, the interactive book about people who changed the world, is released and available worldwide starting today. Offering more then 70 biographies of the most eminent people of all times, the book is the perfect pastime for both history geeks and casual users. Every century had eminent people who amazed the society with their talents, inventions and discoveries that helped to build the modern world. Biography, interactive history book, takes readers on a journey with world’s most influential people. Designed especially for the iPad, the book brings biographies of philosophers, scientists, physicians, religious leaders, political leaders,…

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    Daily App Digest – August 9, 2011

    Latest apps and updates to hit the iTunes store today… Fan Mail A new mobile app called "Fan Mail" turns anyone who downloads it into an instant celebrity complete with legions of adoring fans. 

"Movie Stars, Pop Stars, TV Stars, and Athletes get tons of fan mail everyday," explains Mark Kaye, a radio host and the developer of "Fan Mail." "Wouldn’t it be great if teachers, doctors, volunteers, and everyone else got fan mail too? Well, now they can! "

Kaye got the idea from a personal fan letter he received. "A twelve-year old boy sent an email telling me how much he enjoyed my morning radio show. He said, because…