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Daily App Digest – February 27, 2012

Latest apps and updates to hit the iTunes app store today…



Burst! tells the story of young Chester who one day awakens to find the skies of his simple world filled with colorful balloons. On investigating, he discovers that these balloons are not as innocent as they appear. Chester must use the special weapons he finds along the way to clear his skies in pursuit of the dark villain Lyndon and his mysterious motives.

"We loved making and playing this game," says Tim Wickey of WickeyWare, "and there is just so much more of Chester’s story to be told." Chester’s story picks up after he has destroyed Lyndon’s factory and has taken shelter in the adjacent forest. There he discovers that not all of Lyndon’s traps have been destroyed. Now faced with some of the most diabolical puzzles that Lyndon has ever crafted, Chester constructs a new radar arrow to level the playing field.

The new, much anticipated, "Desidious Forest" map-pack is included for free to those who have already purchased Burst! "We don’t want to do updates with just bug fixes," says Wickey, "We always try to provide new content for our fans." For the first time, players can now skip up to three levels for free. If three skips aren’t enough, players can purchase additional skip-packs.



Bringing an enjoyable story and game experience, and giving that "old school" text adventure feel – that is the goal of the Narratavius app, now available for free in the App Store. Created by Michael Ham of Baked Ham Games, the app tries to recreate the fun and feel of text-based adventures from the early days of computing.

"I got the idea when I heard someone say, ‘You know what I’d like to see? Something like ‘Zork’ for the iPhone.’ "said Ham.

The Narratavius app is actually an application where different stories or adventures from any number of independent authors and genres can be downloaded and played. From there, the user can engage in an unlimited variety of quests, very much in the style of a choose-your-own-adventure.

"Narratavius is our most ambitious project to date." Said Ham. "It combines the efforts of about a dozen content authors, a dedicated graphic designer, and our main programmer.  We are very excited for our authors to be able to reach the 250 million iOS device owners already around the world, as well as the hundreds of millions that analysts expect to become owners of these devices in 2012."

Funding for the app was done via a Kickstarter campaign, which allows for an average person to contribute funds to the effort in return for various benefits once the project is complete. The method has become extremely popular over the past year, funding a wide variety of projects.

"The idea was extremely well received. Users ended up donating 173% of our funding goals."


Remote Captcha


Just when you thought that there was no more apps to make for the iPhone, Remote Captcha comes in. Originated from a "many users real need", Remote Captcha was made so the user can leave his computer on, downloading thousands of files from popular file hosting sites, without having to be in front of the computer to enter the CAPTCHAs that jDownloader prompts him. These CAPTCHAs are sent to the user’s iOS device, and get notified through Apple Push Notifications so he can solve it, right there on his iPhone. Downloads continue normally on the user’s computer.

The new v1.2 introduces a free trial period so users can test the App before they buy a subscription. It also includes Twitter and Facebook badges, so users have a direct access to follow and/or like Remote Captcha in their preferred social networks. This is also good because every announcement referred to the App is done via Twitter and Facebook, so users can be more in touch with important App news.

One good thing about this App, besides its utility, is that is simple for the user. In the App side, the only thing the user has to do is to register with a user name and password. That’s all. In the computer side, the user has to extract a few files inside the jDownloader application directory, and to enter the user name and password in a text file. There is no need to set up obscure router configurations like many remote utilities require doing.


PikiShooter & PikiShooter HD


DreamZapps today is pleased to announce PikiShooter & PikiShooter HD 1.0 for iOS, is a exciting and challenging physics-based puzzler completed with stunning graphics, intuitive controls and awesome musics. The goal of this game is to shoot the Piki towards into the white bucket in certain amount of shots. PikiShooter & PikiShooter HD is available in the app store under the Games: Puzzle for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch as well.

In each level of PikiShooter, there will be certain elements to block and help Piki to achieve the target:

* Red Boxes – Player have to hit the Red Button to switch the Red Box off.
* Grey Boxes – Can be knocked over by Piki
* Blue Boxes – Give the Piki better bounce
* Bumpers – Make Piki bounce like crazy!
* Wrap – Piki enter the wrap and come out from the another wrap
* Purple Planks – The plank will spin once hit by Piki

PikiShooter & PikiShooter HD – Allows game setting customization enabling players to turn on and off music, changing of backgrounds, changing of trajicon and target mood.Trajicon mood will show the path way which is easier. Player have to aim the target with the right amount of power to shoot the piki. And the Grey planks will spin once hit! Player can shoot the  A 3-stars  ranking system allows gamers to compete the level by scoring all the stars and get the Piki towards into the bucket.

PikiShooter HD/$1.99/£1.49/download

Umami for iPad


Buoyed by the extraordinary social success of this year’s Super Bowl and Grammy Awards, New York-based startup Umami TV today unveiled major enhancements to its free companion TV app for the iPad that are designed to make the conversation around TV more visual, fun and accessible for TV viewers.            

"FreezeFrame" allows users to instantly capture and share images from the shows they’re watching with their friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Not unlike Pinterest for the web, users can now share imagery of their favorite moments, actors, recipes, products and more, in real-time, while they watch.

Needless to say, this first-of-its-kind social TV function is tailor-made for the fashionistas who will follow the best (and worst) dressed on the red carpet at this year’s Oscar ceremonies on ABC-TV this Sunday, February 26.            

In addition, Umami is announcing "Dishboard", a new social TV dashboard that visualizes the conversation occurring around a TV show as it unfolds. Users can see how many people are talking about the show with real-time infographics. The app also automatically identifies the most popular links and tweets that are trending around a show. With this release, Umami is also enabling users to share what they’re interacting with while they watch.            

"TV is the ultimate lean-back, visual medium, and we’ve always felt social TV should mirror these characteristics," explained Umami TV co-founder and CEO Scott Rosenberg. "With this update, we’re making the conversation around TV more visual, fun and relevant for viewers."             


Annabel: adventures of the Egyptian princess


Nevosoft, a top Russian casual game developer, announced the release of their game Annabel: an Egyptian-themed adventure in 3D, a hidden-object game that lets players move around environments in order to find items.

Annabel begins in modern times, when a young female archaeologist visits a museum in Egypt. She hears a disturbing ancient tale about another "Annabel," a princess whose lover, Akhenaten was sacrificed to the gods by an evil high priest. As you learn during the first few minutes of the game, the nasty Amertekh is keeping Princess Annabel captive as is forcing her to marry him so he will become a full-fledged Pharaoh and take control over Egypt.

The player, in the role of Annabel, must escape a pyramid, unlock a sarcophagus, meet her lover on a ship and sail down the Nile, explore vast temples and eventually stop Amertekh from executing his malevolent plans. This will be accomplished in three different kinds of game-play: collecting relevant items in various locations related to the task, talking with characters and finding out what they want and solving some puzzles that are then unlocked as mini-games to play from the main menu. These mini-games include variations of Match-3, jigsaw, sliding tile, and more. You’ll also collect items for different characters, this usually involves finding 10 pieces of this and that, and then giving it to them to the character, who in turn will help you.

iPhone version $2.99/£1.99/download
iPad HD/$4.99/£2.99/download



GreenPleco, a game studio that creates fun mobile games in order to raise awareness for environmental issues, today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability GreenPleco: The Sucker Fish 1.0, its latest gaming title for iPhone and iPad devices.

"Our ultimate goal is to make factory farms illegal and stop all animal cruelty while offering a great, fun game," says Milton Mariscal, co-founder of GreenPleco. "Many nonprofits have few ways of getting financial support. With each download, we raise money for organizations that care for animals and the environment."

GreenPleco has already donated to several charities, including Save the Manatee Club, while developing this game. GreenPleco contains one full game and a series of three mini-games, each of which features a lovable animal helping to rehabilitate the environment. By combining fast-paced action with memorable characters such as The Sucker Fish, Mr. PigBounce, Claudia the Crab, and Gemma the Turtle, the game appeals to both adults and children alike.

"If you like fun games and you care about the environment, this game is for you," says Milton Mariscal. "GreenPleco is a game about animals trying to save the enviroment. Imagine a game full of adrenaline and challenging missions where you will discover the importance of keeping our planet clean. GreenPleco confirms that thinking green its actually very fun and the cool thing to do. Because you like fun games and because you care about the environment this game is for you. The goal of the game is to have "The Sucker Fish" clean the river and unlock the 3 mini games. Upon completion of all games you will discover that you are an important part of the GreenPleco mission."


Identify The World Flags Game For Kids


Internet Design Zone, an iOS application developer company, today is thrilled to announce the release and immediate availability of Identify The World Flags Game For Kids 1.0 for iOS devices. This fun educational app for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch will help kids identify most of the world flags and also help them learn and pronounce the names of new countries.

The app has an easy to use quiz interface. There are 5 levels of difficulty with flags of lesser known countries appearing in higher levels. There are 10 flags to be identified in every level. For every flag, one has to choose the correct country name from the three options provided. To clear a level, a child has to identify at least 7 flags correctly. There are over 225 different flags. All correct answers are greeted with applause. Names of all countries are spoken aloud so that the child can also learn to pronounce them.

With this game, kids can practice their knowledge of the world flags on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. A kid can play the game alone. It is suitable for kids who are learning about new countries and flags. After a child has played this game, he/she will be able to identify most of the flags of countries across all continents.

How kids will benefit from this game?
* They will be able to identify flags of most countries of the world
* The background voiceover will help kids to pronounce the country names
* Learning flags will no longer be boring but turn into a game
* Random new flags appear whenever the child plays hence the app can be used again and again


Puss in Boots – The Great Adventure


Independent developer Blue Quoll Digital has announced that its Puss in Boots, The Great Adventure for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is now available on the App Store. This interactive picture book app, recommended for children ages 2+ reinvents and rejuvenates this timeless classic, with the charm, inventiveness and artistic value that characterizes Blue Quoll productions.

Children can read the story themselves or have it read by the narrators, they can also interact with each page of the story by tapping on the illustrations and revealing sounds, popup speech balloons and character voices.

"We have extended notably the functionality of the PopUp Tap and discover feature compared to our previous app, Mr Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes" says Vincenzo Pignatelli, Artistic Director and Founder of Blue Quoll Digital. "We made sure it is worth exploring each page for children as they get rewarded both visually and acoustically by a popping balloon, a sound or the voice of characters mumbling, grunting and cheering".

"It is getting increasingly difficult nowadays to ignite media attention using press releases for book apps, as expression such as ‘gorgeous illustrations’ or ‘enchanting narration’ are overused and are loosing their meaning" says Lucia Masciullo, Illustrator of the book. "However our stories are truly beautiful as illustrations are hand crafted using traditional techniques and story-lines are unique yet still tied to a heart warming tradition".




Tekton Technologies releases an enhanced version of MakeMyMusic 2.0, after tremendous positive responses from our users. MakeMyMusic creates automatic personalized music play lists from your entire library so that you can listen to the tracks the way you like them, without having to manage play lists. Its is an innovative way of creating personalized music that enriches your listening experience, and great for lengthy audio books too.

Benefits of using this app:
By picking an Artist, Genre or Composer and choosing from morning, noon, evening or night, you can wake up to some smooth jazz, rock out at lunchtime, and fall asleep to Braham’s lullaby. Automatically Search and Play for your favorite Song or favorite Artist in your iPhone/iPod touch based on your Mood of the day.

MakeMyMusic Features include:
* One Touch playback
* Unique "Now Playing" screen
* Choose a different backdrop for every song. You can even use your personal photos
* Define your time of day for an artist or genre
* Sleep timer
* Enriched listening experience




Airman Version 1.1 was released by Amphisocial Ltd and available on the iPad 2, the iPhone 4 and 4s. Airman is a 3D flying and shooting game located in a fantasy 3D city built around world famous city landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, Taj Mahal Sears Towers, Big Ben, Statue of Liberty and more.

The object of Airman is to shoot down enemy balloons and planes to advance to the next level but that is not all. The game when played in a family or group setting provides entertainment for the spectators. This is due to the games unique use of Apple’s gyroscope feature. This requires the User to stand up and move as the Game simulates an environment where the User’s physical movement gives direction to the Plane. From a spectator’s perspective it appears as though the User is a cross between a dog chasing it’s tail and Quasimodo.

A Word Of Caution: This game can make you dizzy as the enemy planes fly in clockwise and counter clockwise circuits.

Another Word Of Caution: Ensure the game is played in an obstacle free space.


Operation: Eradicate


Mobile game developer, Skejo Studios today is please to announce its debut turn based strategy game, Operation: Eradicate for the iPad and iPhone has been released. Operation: Eradicate is a cooperative strategy game where the player controls up to four characters across the world to beat back the spreading ‘infected’ hordes.

Operation: Eradicate is a unique challenge, quick to learn with the in-game tutorial and difficult to master with over 20 different possible character setups and 3 different difficulty levels. Forethought and a bit of risk taking is needed to navigate this game of resource management, location and timing. Travel across the world, fight the hordes, and launch counterstrikes before the ‘Infected Ones’ spread across the planet. Operation: Eradicate also comes with the ability to match with friends in Turn Based Matches through Game Center, as well as racing up the leader boards and scoring achievements.

* Board Game feel, iPad looks
* Cooperative Turn Based Strategy mechanics
* Game Center Turn Based Multiplayer available
* Five specialized characters to command
* Play a 2, 3 or 4 character game for vastly different challenges
* Includes hand drawn commissioned artwork
* Three different Difficulty levels
* Game Center Leader boards & Achievements
* Multi-step tutorial to quickly learn the game


Where is? Game


Where is? Game is a geography challenge iPhone and iPad App. You have to find the location of countries, capitals, skyscrapers or stadiums on a map. The nearer, the better. You can read about every location via the linked wikipedia page and you can challenge your friends in a multiplayer game via Game Center with up to 4 players. Version 1.4 includes a new Multiplayer Mode.

You see all the locations of your opponents and where you are standing in comparison. There are 3 levels of difficulty from zoomed in with country borders to zoomed out without anything but land and water on the map. Additionally you can set a round timer. The Game is free to play in singleplayer mode, but can be expanded with a multiplayer mode for a small fee.

The App hit top 1 for both iPhone and iPad in Germany and was downloaded over 500,000 times since release beginning of February 2012. It was an instant hit and now it’s ready to go global. Where is? Game is educational, fun and shows you how much or little you know about geography. You don’t need an internet connection as the map is stored offline and it is custom made to fit the overall design of the app.


Healthy Habits


Healthy Habits, an iPhone app by 2Morrow Mobile, has been chosen as the winner of the U.S. Surgeon General’s Healthy App Challenge. The free wellness app focuses on helping people live healthier, happier lives by changing their habits. Healthy Habits won in the category of integrative health and well being. This challenge was issued to developers by U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, MD and over 80 applications were submitted.

"I strongly believe in the importance of empowering individuals to make healthy choices," said Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, MD. "Readily accessible tools like social media and mobile apps can help people manage everything from dietary choices to physical activity, stress management and relaxation techniques."

Habits are an acquired pattern of behavior that often occurs automatically and without conscious thought. Poor habits can make it hard to create lasting change by sabotaging good intentions with unconscious behaviors. The Surgeon General’s Vision for a Healthy and Fit Nation states that: "Change starts with the individual choices Americans make each day." Healthy Habits is an app that helps people reach their goals by changing their habits or default behaviors. Over 75,000 people have downloaded the Healthy Habits apps since launch in April 2011.

"We are honored to be recognized as a winner in the Surgeon General’s Healthy Apps Challenge," said Brandon Masterson, President of 2Morrow Mobile. "Despite good intentions, many of today’s health issues are caused by our own unhealthy habits and changing them is hard to do. With Healthy Habits we set out to create an app that helps people turns their good intentions into action."


Action Sticker HD – YooHoo&Friends Lite


YFactory today is pleased to introduce Action Sticker HD – YooHoo&Friends Lite 1.0 for iPad, their new Education app that allows young children to follow the adventures of the world-famous, stuffed toy characters based on animals, many endangered species, created by Aurora World. The animated, interactive app features 12 different adventures starring YooHoo, Sparkee, Roodee, Lemmee, and Ringring. Employing Gardner’s theory of "Multiple Intelligences," the app’s stories, games, and puzzles engage kids on every level. Action Sticker HD – YooHoo&Friends Lite 1.0 for iPad and Action Sticker – YooHoo&Friends Lite 1.0 for iPhone / iPod touch are part of the global YooHoo & Friends phenomenon, where kids can join together to help create Yootopia.

Multiple Intelligences is an educational theory advocated by Howard Gardner (a professor of Cognition and Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education), stating that not only do human beings have several different ways of learning and processing information, but these methods are relatively independent from another; leading to multiple intelligences as opposed to a general intelligence factor among correlated abilities. The theory of Multiple Intelligences has received much attention from academicians studying Early Childhood Education.

The app stars the original YooHoo & Friends: YooHoo, the male Bush Baby from East Africa; Sparkee, the female Striped Skunk from North America; Roodee, the male Capuchin Monkey from Northern Argentina; Lemmee, the male Lemur from Madagascar; and Ringring, the male Giant Panda from Central China. Together, these friends have adventures all over the world.

FoxTube – YouTube Cache


mix1009 today is pleased to announce FoxTube – YouTube Cache 1.1 for iOS, an update to their Music app that provides superior YouTube playback as well as an advanced video player. The app allows users to easily create playlists that, with intelligent caching, can be viewed without interruption, despite less than ideal WiFi or 3G reception. The player component includes high-speed search, variable-speed playback from 1 fps to 2x normal, 29 user-definable gestures for player control, background operation, and 11 hideable, onscreen control icons.

Whether casual viewers or YouTube aficionados, those seeking the ultimate in performance and control can find it in FoxTube – YouTube Cache, the new top-of-the-line app from mix1009, which combines technologies from their previous A/V apps and adds some remarkable new features. The app includes two integrated components: intelligent caching and advanced search and playback.

Caching, filling memory with video in advance of playback, helps ensure smooth video and is a standard feature of most YouTube players. What distinguishes the intelligent caching in FoxTube is that it is tightly integrated with the playlist, so even before the video is played the app can pre-cache the video in the playlist. FoxTube also provides options to change the caching algorithm and detailed information about what is cached. First, users can set different caching rules for 3G vs. WiFi connections. Second, each type of connection can be set to cache the current track, both the current and next track, or all tracks on the playlist. Third, viewers can turn on or off Background Caching when the app is operating in the background. Fourth, a Cache Manager, accessible from user options, allows the user to see exactly how much video is being stored in cache memory, how much of it is from the current playlist, and the amount of available flash memory remaining on the iDevice. All,
unused, or individual cache files can be deleted independently. Users can play their favorite video directly from cache when network conditions are poor or even when offline.

FoxTube – YouTube Cache/iPhone/download/$2.99/£1.99
iPad version/$4.99/£2.99/download



Jason Fuerstenberg is pleased to introduce LandMarked 1.0, a simple way to mark down new places you visit so you can get back easily. Additionally LandMarked lets you take photos and notes of places as well let you categorize and rate them.

Designed for people on the go, what sets LandMarked apart is its adherence to simplicity and usability. While sharing great places via Twitter or email is always possible, LandMarked eschews the user interface common to social network apps for a simpler, more personal one where places and the memories they invoke matter more than checking in or collecting achievements.

LandMarked is not a social network nor a web service. As such, no registration or sign-up is needed to use it. Just download and make your mark! LandMarked is currently only available in US/UK English. Languages in the works include French, Japanese and Spanish.


System Monitor with Battery Max


Tekton Technologies has announced the enhanced release and immediate availability of System Monitor with Battery Max 1.8, their all-in-one comprehensive health meter for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. It is a comprehensive System Monitor, Free Memory and Battery charging utility, that frees memory, improves battery life, and shows running processes.

* Just Open the app and Wait for 5 Secs to see the memory getting freed
* Double Click Home button to see and Close unwanted apps
* Now you will quickly see the memory getting Freed on the Speedometer
* Double Tap Memory speedometer view to rotate to a 3D bar chart view
* Double tap battery or open it to see the battery capacity for your favorite apps
* Double tap the CPU speedometer view, to view a 3D CPU utilization
* Shows the used and free space
* Shows the IP address acquired, and hardware address of your device

You can use this to accurately monitor and enhance your battery life, monitor running process, memory in use, and used and free space.


Zombie Alerts


Supasounds is proud to announce its terrifying sound app Zombie Alerts. Zombie Alerts is the perfect app for anyone wanting to scare the living daylights out of their friends or never miss a morning alarm again. Zombie Alerts features horrible zombie moans and taunts as well as the shouts and screams of brave survivors fighting the horde. The sounds can be used as ringtones, text, mail, calendar, alarm or other alerts and are presented with detailed hand-drawn graphics.

While any old app will wake you up with a standard bell sound, Zombie Alerts will send shockwaves through your system. Having the terrifying groan of a hungry zombie as your alarm bell will pretty much guarantee that you are one hundred percent awake in the morning. Included in the app are a total of 64 distinct and highly varied sounds. There are sounds of "intelligent" zombies that utter menacing phrases and taunts (e.g., "I’m gonna eat you alive!"), or make wisecracks ("Give me a break, I’m just hungry!"). Likewise, survivors on the run scream in terror ("I’m infected!") or show defiance ("Hey! Ready to go wild?"). Apart from these spoken voices, there are several more sounds of gruesome events like a chainsaw cutting through flesh and bone, zombies being electrocuted, and cries of pain from zombies and humans alike.

All 64 sounds in the app are each represented by their own meticulously hand-drawn icon, and the detailed and suitably violent images are not for the faint of heart. The app can be downloaded for free, and all the sounds can be freely listened to and played through the atmospheric and scary horror interface. The free version of the app also comes with 8 sounds that can be used as ringtones, text, mail or other alerts. An in-app purchase will enable all 64 sounds to be used as alert sounds.




Independent developer Alex Solonsky today is thrilled to announce the release and immediate availability of Saver 1.0.8, an update to his popular expense tracker for iOS devices. Jotting down daily expenses using notebook looks boring and obsolete. Meet Saver for iPhone, the most elegant and efficient way to keep track of your spending.

Just like your iPhone, Saver was created with simplicity and usability in mind. Balanced set of features, thoughtful design and fluid animations mixed together to deliver the best experience you can expect from a premium-quality iPhone app. Featured by Apple, praised by experts, and loved by thousands users all over the world, Saver fits your iPhone’s homescreen perfectly. We promise, you’ll enjoy using it every single day.

Version 1.0.8: offers many fixes and improvements. The app now requires iOS 4.0 or later. If you’d like to continue using Saver on older devices please avoid this update.


Shot MeMo


Shot MeMo, a new application from GKproject, combines functionality, simplicity, and style in an app that lets users create quick memos and preserve their memories. Shot MeMo is a memo-pad application with expanding features which include integrating users photos with their notes. By taking a photo with the app’s camera application or by browsing their device photo library for previously taken pics, users can create a quick memo with a photographic element.

The application goes beyond simple practicality, incorporating creativity to foster self-expression. Making memos taken with Shot MeMo is much more than an easy way to make reminders. Users can tailor their text, including size, color, and font, as well as use custom virtual notepads available through an in-app purchase to enhance their notes.

Creating memos is only the beginning, because Shot MeMo also facilitates users’ ability to share those memories with others. Their enhanced photos and notes can be instantly shared with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Evernote.

* Snap a shot, add notes, and save or share with the touch of a finger
* Already snapped the pic you want to create a memo with? No problem. Browse your gallery within the app, and take advantage of ShotMeMo’s features after the fact
* Our simple toggle-based menu makes setting up simple and quick
* There’s no need to schlep a notebook. Shot MeMo has all of the practicality of paper and pen note-taking, with greater convenience and functionality
* Whether it’s a gift you received, the highlights of your trip, or the expression on someone special’s face at a once in a lifetime moment, Shot MeMo makes it quick, easy and convenient to keep your memories fresh and share them in an instant

Flick Sheep!


Flick Sheep!, the breakout new puzzle game from the devs behind Slice It!, appears ready to take on the App Store and garner as much praise as its predecessor. To tempt even more iOS puzzle lovers to try the game, the paid version of Flick Sheep! will be free for a limited time.

Flick Sheep! pits the player against the encroaching sunset – the player’s defenseless sheep must be gathered together in safety before the light fades. To save these lovely little lambs, players will have to navigate the grid-like layout of the sheep pen. The early stages familiarize players with the way the sheep respond to swiping (adjacent matching sheep move in groups, for example), while the more advanced puzzles introduce other obstacles.

The game is a soothing exercise in intellect, enhanced by cheerful, pleasant graphics. It features a number of traps, including animal-arresting bubbles, and the sheep’s farmyard friends also make an appearance. Flick Sheep! features 90 levels, with more to come, to  give players plenty of gameplay. And GameCenter integration gives those with a competitive streak the chance to compare their rankings with others. Those who are more goal oriented will want to rack up the game’s 21 achievements.

Flick Sheep! is a steal at its usual price, and since its recent launch the paid version of the game has built a strong fan base. The current discount is guaranteed to catapult Flick Sheep! into stardom; it’s bound to become the newest game to dominate chit-chat around the water-cooler. Like the wildly successful Slice It!, Flick Sheep! presents a perfect combination of challenge and relaxation. The dev team behind the two games has more than proven their merit in the puzzle genre.

AR Flashcards


Mitchlehan Media, an independent mobile app developer, today is proud to announce the launch of their first app, "AR Flashcards" for iPhone and iPad. This app features beautifully rendered 3D animals that pop up on printed flashcards that help engage and teach young children the alphabet.

AR Flashcards uses the device’s camera to show cute animals that seem to magically pop up on wonderfully designed flashcards that is available to print for free. For users who own multiple iOS devices, the app contains the flashcards built in a swipeable gallery. Simply load the app on two devices.

The app also features wonderful voice overs for each letter and animal to help young children easily identify each letter. AR Flashcards will keep toddlers entertained through the use of the cutting edge technology of Augmented Reality powered by the String Augmented Reality SDK.

AR Flashcards are the flashcards of the future. Children and teachers alike will be engaged like never before in teaching and learning the alphabet. Traditional flashcards are boring and toddlers loose focus with them easily. With AR Flashcards, pre-school aged children will have a blast learning!


Magic Chest


MDev Studio today is thrilled to announce the release of Magic Chest for iPhone and iPod touch. Magic Chest – an unique collection of divinations. This App combines the traditional oracles (cards and runes), less popular oracles (dominoes), and oracles, which were rarely or never realized on iPhone.

We have done our best to make Magic Chest not a random text generator, and give a meaningful prediction. Of all the multi-variant interpretations of cards(runes), you get only one interpretation – that corresponds to the current balance. Almost all of our divinations are physics-based, that along with hi-res Retina graphics looks just amazing.

Magic Chest contains:
* Gypsy Oracle. Gypsy fortune-telling on the playing cards will help you to look into the future
* Magic Compass. Life asked you a question, and you do not know the answer? Refer to this compass and the darkness of uncertainty, doubt and hesitation will shatter
* Wheel of Fortune. It will determine the highest priority for you in the coming period and will give to this forecast
* Arrow of Luck. Medieval fortune-telling
* Palm of Odin. Ancient Runes will advise you how to spend the coming days the best way
* Union. Numerological divination predict the future of the union of two people
* Seven Clouds. A medieval divination by dominoes, implemented on modern technology

Puggy the Monster ˆ Trial of Shadow


MegaCubic Entertainment, a mobile game development company, is proud to announced today the release of its new iPhone game, Puggy the Monster – Trail of Shadow. It is a virtual pet game featuring a naughty little monster named Puggy, who has magical power to make things come alive. Designed to attract both adults and children, Puggy the Monster blends pet adoption with interesting interaction scenarios and puzzle solving game play.

The game allows players to adopt Puggy the Monster, interact with it using a variety of interesting objects, and enjoy its playful reactions. In addition, players can choose from various ninja outfits to dress up and customize their pets. An exciting Puzzle Bricks mini game is also included in the app. In order to pass the total 30 levels, players will need to plan the route to help Puggy avoid tricky obstacles and find the way out of the maze.

Another highlight of the game is Puggy also serves as a personal assistant that provides weather forecast, plays music from iPod, and reminds users of their current battery state. Furthermore, since Puggy is a monster residing in Japan, the game incorporates many elements from this beautiful country such as the iconic sakura (cherry blossoms) and a Japanese Shinto shrine. "Our goal is to make the game visually pleasing with the sophisticated Japanese setting and the high-quality graphics, "said Chris Su, Product Design Director of MegaCubic.


Space Matters


Turnstone today is pleased to announce the worldwide availability of the Space Matters newest version on the App Store. The application for iPad designed to help make the process of learning about, planning, selecting, designing and ordering furniture simple and intuitive has been updated with a number of state-of-the-art features that will appeal to any customer.

Stylish 360 degree rotating 3D models of all products can now be placed in photos from the camera roll or preloaded backgrounds to get a precise idea of what the interior will look like. Moreover, a unique option to see and interact with 3D models live in any space by using iPad camera has been added.

Planning section functionality has been also enhanced and expanded. With an update users can easily drag and drop furniture, lighting and other elements of a space onto their plan.

The interface has been improved with intuitive menu to jump throughout the application. Now users can easily navigate the entire app with the press of 3 fingers to get a "birds eye view". Ideas & Advice for the inspirational mood are now laid out in an easy-to-browse grid complete with photos and video to understand what turnstone furniture is really about.

For those who love sharing their experience with a network of mates the Space Matters application also allows signing in with Twitter, Facebook, email, or Evernote accounts to quickly and easily save and share products, articles, or plans.


League of RPS


“League of RPS” is the world first strategic “RPS” online game that 10 people can play at once.
It is a card game with strategies, psychological battles.
Players have a limited time to guess the match of other player’s cards composition.
And there are lots of items and avatars which increase the fun of the game.
Now thousands of people enjoy this game in one of the eastern countries and it’s listed on top in popularity & sales.

** Features **
– 10 people can play at once.
– The player will be paid 6 cards in random and play until the cards are out.
– The winner can choose and get one of cards used at the game he won.
– Play with guessing the match of player’s cards composition.(Strategy & Psychological warfare)
– Various items (a Magnifier, a Reflection Mirror, an Invincible Card, a Booster)
– Various Avatars with personalities.
– Buying items/tickets with stars from games.
– Everyday 20 games for free




BrainBlast Games announces the very first update to their iOS game, Curio, now containing fifty percent more material than the original release. The chilling endless-runner from the mad scientists at BrainBlast Games now offers much more to aid players in their quest to free Ron Templeton III from the grasps of his demons, both real and imagined.

And who is more familiar with real and imaginary demons than Tommy Wiseau, writer and director of "The Room?" BrainBlast Games found Mr. Wiseau to be a kindred spirit in line with the unique characteristics of Curio. Players will pick up on subtle tips and tricks if they watch the commercial closely enough, just as one can pick up on the nuanced subtexts of "The Room" after multiple viewings at two in the morning.

The collaboration with Mr. Wiseau is in celebration of the first update to Curio, which is now iPad supported. A whole slew of fun new power-ups are now earnable in game, along with extensive Game Center functionality that allows players to see their friends’ scores as they leave them in the dust (and earn even more power-ups). Players can now even save their game by "bookmarking" at any point, but only after earning one. Don’t forget to explore the bonus material too. A narrative read by Academy Award nominee Robert Forster serves to complement the game in a very engaging manner.



When the photographer left Los Angeles a few years ago for a five month expedition to Latin America, little did he know that there was no going back. In the following years, the epic adventure now nicknamed "LA2BA" would cover over 40.000 miles through 15 countries, providing a vast supply of exceptional photographic opportunities and a rare chance to meet the contrasting cultures of an entire continent. "By the time I found myself on a sailboat heading to Colombia, I’d already realized that a new chapter in my life had begun, and things would never be the same." he would later write.

The absence of any roads through the rain forest called the Darien Gap between Panama and Colombia had made it necessary to sail the Caribbean in a storm, but the real obstacle would prove to be the destination itself: "I did have worries about riding through Colombia. It was supposed to be this dangerous place where you would get kidnapped if not killed. I instead found a paradise, and the challenge was to move on".

The adventure did continue through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina, all the way to Ushuaia, the Southernmost city in the world, where he would spend his second Christmas on the road with a fever. "The summer in Ushuaia was the coldest winter I’ve known" he said. "And unless you’ve known the winds in Patagonia, you don’t know what a strong wind is. This is where 600lb. motorcycles fly off the road and trees grow horizontally!".

The journey was supposed to be concluded upon his second arrival to Buenos Aires, but by that time there was neither a "normal life" to go back to, nor a desire to stop. He could already feel the call of Samba from Brazil.

When pressed with the question "why?", the 41-year-young man candidly shared with a smile: "I suddenly got terrified by the speed of time, and decided not to wait for tomorrow to live my dreams. And once I managed to get out the door, there was no reason to ever go back".

Since having sold his motorcycle in Colombia in January 2011, Serdar had been working on what he called "a project close to my heart, something I had to get out there before I got back on". The result, LOS ANGELES to BUENOS AIRES, is the most ambitious project of its kind, and is now available in the form of a Universal App for Apple’s iOS devices. A "Short Cut" edition covering the Mexico and Central America legs of the journey will be provided free of charge to the first 500 readers beginning February 28th.




SpaceSampler is a smart audio convolution application that lets you record, apply filters from real acoustic spaces and equipment, and then share with anyone.

Record audio, select between filters, set the mix, and then share. The high quality filters, or Impulse Responses (IRs), are captured from real gear and acoustic spaces, creating realistic, unusual or far-out effects for any type of audio source.


WordCrasher Blitz


Independent game developer Pixels on Toast launched WordCrasher Blitz for iOS today. Based on the hit game WordCrasher, the game is a universal app, and is free to play.

In WordCrasher Blitz, letters drop onto the screen and can be made into words, destroying them in the process. If the screen fills up, it’s Game Over. Long words and rare letters score high, and combining the two will bring the highest scores.

WordCrasher Blitz adds a new game mode, Quick Game, to the existing Marathon and Flood Panic modes. Quick Game is a more relaxed experience which takes a couple of minutes to play, ideal for short gaming sessions. This new version of the game also adds letter multipliers, adding a new layer of strategy to the mix.

* Full universal app
* Realistic tactile physics. Letters bounce, stack, roll and respond to tilt
* Letter multipliers – x2, x3 and x4 markers on some letters.
* Earn your WordMaster badges. Every game helps you to level up.
* New "Quick Game" mode – 5 words, minimal time pressure. Great for the bus stop.
* iOS 5 Twitter support
* Game Center and OpenFeint
* Over 190,000 words recognized in US, UK and International English
* Every unique word you enter is tracked, and the game tracks your vocabulary.
* Three game modes – Marathon, Flood Panic and Quick Game.
* Freeze time and Bomb power ups

Joanne Carter, creator of the world’s most popular mobile photography and art website— TheAppWhisperer.com— TheAppWhisperer platform has been a pivotal cyberspace for mobile artists of all abilities to learn about, to explore, to celebrate and to share mobile artworks. Joanne’s compassion, inclusivity, and humility are hallmarks in all that she does, and is particularly evident in the platform she has built. In her words, “We all have the potential to remove ourselves from the centre of any circle and to expand a sphere of compassion outward; to include everyone interested in mobile art, ensuring every artist is within reach”, she has said. Promotion of mobile artists and the art form as a primary medium in today’s art world, has become her life’s focus. She has presented lectures bolstering mobile artists and their art from as far away as the Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea to closer to her home in the UK at Focus on Imaging. Her experience as a jurist for mobile art competitions includes: Portugal, Canada, US, S Korea, UK and Italy. And her travels pioneering the breadth of mobile art includes key events in: Frankfurt, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Paris, Brazil, London. Pioneering the world’s first mobile art online gallery - TheAppWhispererPrintSales.com has extended her reach even further, shipping from London, UK to clients in the US, Europe and The Far East to a global group of collectors looking for exclusive art to hang in their homes and offices. The online gallery specialises in prints for discerning collectors of unique, previously unseen signed limited edition art. Her journey towards becoming The App Whisperer, includes (but is not limited to) working for a paparazzi photo agency for several years and as a deputy editor for a photo print magazine. Her own freelance photographic journalistic work is also widely acclaimed. She has been published extensively both within the UK and the US in national and international titles. These include The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Popular Photography & Imaging, dpreview, NikonPro, Which? and more recently with the BBC as a Contributor, Columnist at Vogue Italia and Contributing Editor at LensCulture. Her professional photography has also been widely exhibited throughout Europe, including Italy, Portugal and the UK. She is currently writing several books, all related to mobile art and is always open to requests for new commissions for either writing or photography projects or a combination of both. Please contact her at: joanne@theappwhisperer.com