Mobile Photography – StreetWise – Fifth Challenge Results – ‘Accessories on the Street’


“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”  Anonymous

Welcome to our Fifth StreetWise Challenge Showcase  ‘Accessories on the Street’. We are thrilled to share it with you.

Thank you so much for participating and sharing your beautiful photographs of people you have seen wearing or utilising accessories on the streets where you live. We thought this would be a fun theme for our group and the photographs certainly illustrate that. It’s also nice to continue to see new faces, adding ever more dimension to this wonderful, creative group.

As always, Lee and I hope you enjoy this showcase as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Many congratulations to the following artists for being featured in this showcase, including: Lourdes Merson, Paula Betlem, drccoliver2, Ale Di Gangi, Micheldev1, Stefanie L.P., Maurizio Zanetti, RK, Karen Axelrad, Giulia Baita, Kate Zari Roberts, Nick Kenrick, Gina Costa, Dinalfs, Ocean Morisset, Ger van den Elzen, Luison, Lila_lile, Roy Savoy, Christine Mignon, Frederic Mahy, Michaela Meerkatz, Liliana Schwitter.

A reminder that the deadline for the September Streetwise Showcase is September 15th. Please post your photographs to the StreetWise Flickr site to be considered for the showcase.


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