Mobile Movies Showcase – Week 64 – TheAppWhisperer

Mobile Movies Showcase – Week 64 – TheAppWhisperer


Welcome the sixty fourth showcase in our Mobile Movies Column, curated and edited by Vanessa Vox and Giulia Baita.  Every two weeks Vox and Baita will curate the movie uploads to our Flickr group MobileMoviesTheAppWhisperer.  They will view all the videos uploaded and comment on the ones selected.

Within this selection today, both Vox and Baita have curated the movies and Vox has written the commentary for this week, this will alternate (foreword by Joanne Carter).

All of the entries were either shot or created on mobile devices. Many congratulations to:

Nanou Ghanem (Lily in the rain), Roger Guetta, Ile Mont, Tom, Judith Reisman and Karen Axelrad

’10h04-Where, when or why’ by nanou ghanem

10h04 - where, when or why
A tribute to Paris, the city of love and lights, of romance and cheerful art of living. A summer day strolling  through the narrow, winding back streets and the splendid avenues. In a relaxed and open-minded mood. It is for me a sign of hope after 11/13.

‘Blast’ by Roger Guetta

A rising white cloud swallows a quite impressing building in just a few seconds. Strange feelings appear. The scene fully immersed in a blue colour suggests hope in a time of apocalyptic mood. I can’t help but the band name „Einstürzende Neubauten“ is springing to mind (“Collapsing New Buildings”).

‘Pop Jelly’ by Ile Mont

Pop Jelly
This delicate and elegant Pop jelly fish seems to pulsate to the beat of the music. A fascinating dance in an intense coloured light… ready for the stage. And accompanied by a beautiful song of the app Replay.

‘From nine to five’ by Tom

From Nine To Five
A boring day in an office starting with a close-up view of a copy device. No music… only the sound of machines. Daily routine: Sensless printing and shredding of countless sheets of paper. The only reason to live and the final reward seems to be the coffee break. Do you smell it?

‘Ursuppe’ by Judith Reismann

A special wide angle perspective with random distortions. We see a couple face to face in a landscape of colours and shattered forms. I feel like suffering from a perceptual disorder. And the music supports this feeling. The black end leaves room for different interpretations.

‘Gallery Reflections 3’ by Karen Axelrad

Gallery Reflections 3
A stop motion with one fix camera angle. At first sight we see the anonymous visitors of a gallery in a backlight situation. On the walls, hanging portraits of people with an intense and individual presence. Timeless frozen. But if you have a deeper look you discover the mirrored street life of Berlin. The train station „Zoologischer Garten“ and a crowd of people.

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