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    Analog Camera – iOS App Review

    On May 29, 2013, Realmac Software released their newest app, Analog Camera. Toting their new app as, “the fastest and easiest way to take, process and share photos…” as well as “…designed to be fluid and effortless to use.” Receiving this app same day as its release, I’ve had some time to take a close look at what this app can do. In many ways it does achieve what the developer set out to do while there are a couple of areas that could use some tweaking. When you first open Analog you’ll be presented with the three screens featured in the screenshot trilogy above. This is all of the…

  • Analog Camera,  iOS Apps,  News

    NEW – Analog Camera for iPhone – Now Available

    We’re really excited to announce that Analog Camera for iPhone is now available to download. This is a brand new from the developers Realmac Software who also publish the productivity app, Clear. Analog Camera has been built with a strict focus on offering a fast, fun and simple experience that allows you to focus on creating beautiful photos. The design of Analog Camera offers stunning visuals that show off your content, but fun interactions and playful sound design too. The developer explain that they have ‘obsessed over every minor detail, and the fluid interface and subtle animations make other apps feel charmless and mundane’. Analog for Mac is the sister…

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    Analog – New Mac Photography App

    This is a brand new photography app for your Mac. It comes complete with a stunning selection of filters and borders and is really simple to use. Drag in a photo, browse through filters and borders and start processing. There’s 20 built-in filters, and over a dozen stylish borders to make your photos look amazing. Analog even makes sure that effects such as light-leaks have some natural variation – so no two photos look alike. Check out the features below. This app retails for $7.99/£5.99 and you can pick it up here. Features ★ Ready for Mac OS X Lion with Fullscreen and Resume support 
★ 20 Amazing Filters, including…