NEW – Analog Camera for iPhone – Now Available


We’re really excited to announce that Analog Camera for iPhone is now available to download. This is a brand new from the developers Realmac Software who also publish the productivity app, Clear.

Analog Camera has been built with a strict focus on offering a fast, fun and simple experience that allows you to focus on creating beautiful photos.

The design of Analog Camera offers stunning visuals that show off your content, but fun interactions and playful sound design too. The developer explain that they have ‘obsessed over every minor detail, and the fluid interface and subtle animations make other apps feel charmless and mundane’.

Analog for Mac is the sister app to this and although there is not any integration at the moment, that may change soon with an update planned in June 2013 that will also include the eight amazing filters from Analog Camera.

Analog Camera retails for $0.99/£0.69 and you can download it here – but we are also hosting an app giveaway for this app today – so please go here and enter that.






Analog Camera has three modes to help you take the perfect shot:

1. Combined Exposure and Focus – single tap
2. Separate Exposure and Focus – two finger tap
3. Full Auto – double tap

Note: The app will always starts in Full Auto.
Analog Camera allows you to take shots in rapid succession, each accompanied by playful ascending notes. The camera view also has a handy Horizon line helping you line up your shot while not getting in the way.

Analog Camera only takes square format photos, making it even easier to post photos to Instagram.

Quick Access to Camera Roll and Photo Stream


The developers explain that, ‘Analog Camera has the fastest camera roll access out of any app we’ve ever seen. While in camera mode you can pick from the last four photos and swiping down reveals the rest of your camera roll, swiping left takes you to your photo stream.

Every other app we’ve tried makes it really fiddly to access your Camera Roll – so in Analog Camera we wanted to fix that with what we think is the easiest Camera Roll access around. Whenever the camera’s visible, so are your last four photos – and you can tap to select them with the camera open. Swiping down hides the camera, and shows all your photos – with a swipe to the left taking you to your Photo Stream’.

Eight stunning, professional grade filters


The eight filters in Analog Camera have all been lovingly crafted to improve your photos, not cover them with scratches and tacky borders. They’re high-quality professional-grade filters that make your images more beautiful, giving them an almost cinematic quality.

Auto Crop



Analog Camera knows when you pick a non-square photo from your Camera Roll, and presents a fully-featured crop view allowing you to quickly move on to processing and sharing your photo. All the gestures you’d expect – pinch to zoom and double tap to zoom – make it incredibly easy to crop the perfect shot.

Sharing (Smart UI)



‘Analog Camera’s beautifully designed interface automatically changes its layout based on the sharing services you’ve enabled on your device.Sharing services include, Save to Camera Roll, Send via Email, Post to Twitter, Facebook and Sina Weibo. Analog Camera also supports sending your processed photo to apps such as Instagram and Path’.

Fun, fast and intuitive UI.



Analog Camera’s has been designed to be fluid and effortless to use. The developers confess they ‘fussed over all the details – from the playful sounds (the ascending tones as you snap a sequence of photos) to the finely-tuned animations. Analog Camera is about enabling you to have fun and take beautiful photos’.

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