BookLover iPhone App Gets Updated With Barcode Scanning


Electric Pocket has released a major update to its BookLover app. The new edition offers barcode scanning, to make it faster and simpler to enter your favorite books into the app, and sorting by author and title. This new version should be a big hit among anybody who loves books and telling all their friends about the ones they have read or want to read.


Quickly scan your most-loved books into BookLover to readily remember them, and have a safe place to jot down the books you want to read… and easily share them with your friends by Facebook or email.

Got a book or two on the go? Add it to BookLover’s "Reading" shelf and quickly and easily take notes as you go, bookmark your current page and share what you’re reading with your book loving friends.

What’s New


Added scanner support for iOS4 (under "thumb" button on main screen). Added sort by title and sort by author (under "thumb" button on main screen). Improved the cover art and bibliography results, added a larger preview of the book on the edit screen, added a field for ISBN. Improved drag and drop of books on shelves. Newly downloaded covers display in hi-res on retina screens.


Although this app is only for iPhone, Electric Pocket are working on a Universal iPad version which should be out soon.

Price: $0.99/Download

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