ClearCam 1.7 iPhone App


ClearCam 1.7 is a relatively new app that’s been updated and now sports support for the 4th generation iPod Touch including faster and better algorithms. Current enhancements include:

✓ Increased capture rate
✓ 17 new EXIF fields stored to the Cam Roll
– Exposure Time
– Aperature Value
– Focal Length

Quick Mode Features Include


✓ Just point and shoot!
✓ Rapidly captures multiple images
✓ Keeps the best one to save you time
✓ Saves directly to the camera roll
✓ Retains GPS/EXIF/PLACES information

Enhanced Mode Features Include


✓ Create images with 2X resolution (up to 11MP)
✓ Produce sharper images with much less noise
✓ Save images with GPS/EXIF/PLACES support

Price: $1.99/Download

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