Pilot Kneeboard Designed For Apple iPad


The first and only kneeboard designed specifically for the Apple iPad. This precision design features all-metal construction, engineered and balanced to the tight tolerances that pilots expect. You get full viewing access to charts on your iPad while also having a firm writing surface. That’s two important uses in the footprint of one kneeboard.

Each Hand Made


The iPro is specially designed for protection. It touches none of the buttons on your iPad, yet shields them from accidents. Inside, flush riveting and padding ensure that the your iPad receives maximum protection at all times. And still, maximum usability.

Price: $149.95/Order


The iPro has a strap that fastens around the pilot’s upper thigh to hold the board in place.


Kneeboards have been used for years by pilots for holding onto objects during flight, but the combo of the iPro and iPad are sure to make this a must-have accessory for pilots.



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