Tutorial – How To Order Your Free iPhone 4 Bumper Or Case


Yes, there’s even an app for that, from today of course. You need to head to the App Store to download it and then follow this tutorial to receive your free iPhone 4 bumper or case. Only iPhone 4 owners are eligible for this program. The app will check the IMEI and serial number to verify that you have an iPhone 4. Once eligibility is confirmed, you will be able to choose an iPhone 4 Bumper or other case. The Bumper or case will be shipped to you at no charge.

Open The App


Follow this link to download the app – once downloaded open it up to get started.



Choose your bumper or case by searching through the Photo Gallery icon, as above.

Place Order


Next just complete your shipping details and place your order by selecting the green icon, as above and that’s it. In a few weeks you will receive your brand new case, for free! All iPhone 4 purchases must be made by September 30, 2010, to qualify for this program. For iPhone 4 purchases made before July 23, 2010, you must apply no later than August 22, 2010; otherwise, you must apply within 30 days of your iPhone 4 purchase.

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