‘We Are Not Perfect’ – Steve Jobs Explaining The iPhone 4 Antenna Issues


So, there you have it – the Press Conference is over, but what do we make of it?

Free iPhone 4 Cases


Well, the most notable point was that Apple will be offering, from next week, free iPhone 4 cases for existing iPhone 4 users and new buyers, up until 30 September 2010. This offer extends outside of the US as well. If the user is still not happy with their iPhone, they can return it for a full refund. You will be able to place your order for a free case on the Apple website.


Steve Jobs also explained that a redesign of the antenna is not necessary and that antenna technology continues to have weak spots throughout the entire smartphone industry. Steve elaborated, saying that ‘the heart of the problem is, smartphones have issues, and we made it easy to exploit the issue by showing people where to hold the phone to cover the antenna. The iPhone 4 drops less than one additional call per 100 than the iPhone 3GS, less than one’.

iPhone 4 To Launch In Additional 17 Countries


Of course, the other interesting point Steve made was that the iPhone 4 will be launching in another 17 countries on July 30, 2010. These countries include, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. South Korea is not included and no reason was given for the delay.

White iPhone 4’s will also be available in late July but no exact date was given for availability or whether the facility to create online orders will be available.



To sum up, there will be no product recall and Apple have played down the severity of the antenna issues. They are prepared ‘to take care of everyone’ and will allow iPhone 4 purchasers the choice of a free case from their website. These usually retail for around $17-$30.

Will this be enough for Apple? Will current customers accept this and will new customers continue to line up for their iPhone 4’s? Time will tell, what do you think, have Apple done enough?

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