Samsung Galaxy Tab Hits UK Retailers Today


The much talked about 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tablet hits UK shops today. It runs Android 2.2 and according to reports, it does this very well and impressively. It’s available at various retailers and has a range of prices linked to a variety of dataplans.


At Carphone Warehouse for example you can either pay £499.99 with a £10 pay monthly plan on Talk Mobile and that includes 1GB of data. Or if that’s too much of an initial outlay you could buy it for £99.95 and commit to a £40 per month two year contract, this also includes 5GB of data on Three.


At Tesco Direct you can pay £529.99 to buy it outright, here’s the link.


If you buy one of these devices, don’t forget to drop us a line and let all our readers know how you’re getting on with it.




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