iPad Case For Kids And/Or Special Needs


If you know a child that is lucky enough to own this magical device then you need not worry that they are being reckless with it because KEM Ventures have just released a great new iPad case marketed for kids. It’s big and chunky so the beautiful iPad asethics are not apparent but then kids are not so easily impressed with such things. It also comes with a stand which appears equally chunky and sturdy.

This case looks like it would do the job well for younger children but it also could double-up as a great case for special needs. We have covered a lot of autism apps on TheAppWhisperer.com and this case looks like it would work well for children and adults with learning difficulties too.

Hopefully, we will get one in for review shortly so please check back for more info on this.

Pricing And Availability


Big Grips Frame and Big Grips Stand are available separately for $34.95 (USD) and $24.95 or as a matching set for $49.95. They come in four kid-friendly colors: Fresh Green, Electric Blue, Carnation Pink and Steel Grey. Pictures and more information, including where to purchase Big Grips, are available online.


If you would llike to buy one, just order it here.

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