I’m Color – Android Smartwatch


I’m Color is an Android Smartwatch that works on multiple platforms and is able to connect to iPhone, Android and soon BlackBerry. Once set up you can access Facebook, Twitter, email and text messages, you can even answer incoming calls. It connects to your dominant device, ie, Smart Phone, via Bluetooth and can also sync through WiFi, although at present only appears to work with iPhone and not Android.



I’m Color comes complete with 4GB flash memory, 64 MB RAM with a IMX233 CPU. The screen is 1.54 inch color TFT display. 240×240 pixels with 220 ppi. The built in rechargeable Li-Po 600 mA battery can be charged via USB and allows for 48 hours standby time without Bluetooth or 30 hours with Bluetooth. Talk time with speakerphone works up to 2 hours with one charge.



Each one of the I’m Color range is available for preorder at 249 euros and the color choices include, white, pink, blue, red, yellow, green and black.

To preorder go here.

I’m Jewel


The I’m Jewel range as the name suggests is a higher level of smart watch. It’s the same spec but is made with more luxurious materials. The I’m Jewel range in price from 599 euros up to 11,999 euros.

You can preorder I’m Jewel here

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