Wacom Intuos now compatible with Android Devices


This week, Wacom introduced Android compatibility to its popular line of creative pen tablets. Users of a Wacom Intuos pen tablet can now create whenever and wherever their inspiration hits. The latest generation of Wacom Intuos (CTL4100 and CTL 6100 models) is now compatible with select Android smartphones and tablets using Android OS (6.0 or later). See the full list of compatible Android devices below, while Wacom is working on expanding the compatibility to many more Android devices.

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OnePlus 7 Series OxygenOS features heading to OnePlus 5/5T/6/6T


OnePlus is built around giving users the best possible experience, and the OnePlus 7 Pro is the perfect example – with a stunning 90Hz 6.67inch QHD+ fluid AMOLED display. It’s packed full of new features which are designed around real user needs.  

And OnePlus has a strong history of introducing new features to older devices. And that’s on top of promising that all devices will receive two years of Android updates, and a further third year of security updates. 

We’re happy to confirm that the OnePlus 5/5T/6/6T will all receive the following features: 

FNATIC mode. For peak gaming performance, tuning your device by blocking notifications and optimising the CPU for the best gaming experience 

Zen mode. For when you want to take time to yourself. Zen mode limits the functionality of your device for 20 minutes 

Screen Recorder. Perfect for capturing fast-paced gaming action, or even making a video tutorial 

Quick reply in landscape. For a seamless experience when you’re gaming or watching a video 

RAM boost. Optimising the use of RAM 

Android Q. It’s coming to all four devices 

DC dimming. An alternative way to adjust screen brightness, reducing screen flickering at low brightness. Please note, We will introduce this feature in Open Beta builds for the OnePlus 6 and 6T and then evaluate for the OnePlus 5 and 5T. 

These features will start rolling out to the OnePlus 5/5T/6/6T in the near future.  

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Adobe Lightroom Updates: Become a Better Photographer, Collaborate and Edit


Today, Adobe has announced extensive updates to the Lightroom ecosystem, including new features that help you become a better photographer, collaborate and take your editing to the next level.

This release introduces a new Home view in Lightroom for iOS and Android (coming soon to Mac and Windows) that contains your most recent images; interactive tutorials that are viewable directly within Lightroom; and inspirational photos with behind-the-scenes access to how each image was edited. Photography educators including Matt Kloskowski, Katrin Eismann, Kristina Sherk and Nicole Young have contributed tutorials and photos for today’s release, and more content will be added regularly.

Additional new features introduced in this release include:

  • You can now invite others to view and add photos to your albums through email or a shared link. When someone contributes, you’ll have access to their full resolution photo in the format that was added to your album, including raw files.
  • A new Texture slider designed to help either accentuate or smooth medium-sized details such as skin, bark and hair.
  • Batch editing in Lightroom for Android, Flat-Field Correction in Lightroom Classic and Defringe for Lightroom on Mac and Windows have also been introduced.

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‘How I Did It’™ with Rad Drew – Lightroom CC for your Smart iPhone


Hi, everyone! I’m back with another How I Did It!™ video tutorial, this one on using Lightroom CC for capturing and processing RAW files.

Capturing and processing RAW files has long been the standard among traditional photographers due to the increased quality that can be attained from RAW files. Now, the power of RAW shooting and processing and the resulting quality is available on mobile devices. In the video, I share tips about shooting RAW and processing RAW files in Lightroom CC on the iPhone. (Lightroom CC also runs on Android phones.)

Thanks for watching and thank you for your support of past videos. If you have particular topics you’d like me to cover in the future, I invite you to share your suggestions by emailing me at RadDrew@raddrewphotography.com!

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‘How I Did It’™ with Rad Drew ‘Sculpting Light with Dramatic Black and White”


Hello, to TheAppWhisperer Community! Thank you for allowing me to share another How I Did It!™ video, this one on the favorite app, Dramatic Black and White.

Dramatic Black and White, by Jixi Pix Software, runs on both iPhone and Android, and transforms color images into Black and White with tools that manage the tone, softness, brightness, and contrast of the image. It’s great for architecture as well as portraits and landscapes, and provides creatives with a great deal of control in determining the final look of the image. (For information on other apps for creating Black and White images, see my blog post, Creating Black and White Images with Your Phone

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Samsung Galaxy S9+ Review: Best Samsung Camera To Date


Introduction The Samsung Galaxy S9+ or plus reviewed here is the larger of the two Galaxy S series smartphone models but it also distinguishes itself by being the more-photo-oriented of the two by inclusion of dual rear camera modules.  The smaller, more pocket-friendly of the two, the S9 with its 5.8-in screen only has one … Read more Samsung Galaxy S9+ Review: Best Samsung Camera To Date

Connected Space develop Augmented Reality  Enabled Smartphone Application for London’s largest International Urban Art Festival


Connected Space, in partnership with RISEgallery, have developed an urban wayfinder app to support RISEfestival, London’s largest international urban art festival. The app – already live – will help increase people’s engagement with art in the public realm, as well as provide in-depth user behavioural analytics to demonstrate return on investment.

Organised by Croydon’s award-winning RISEgallery, the festival will see the arrival of over 60 new murals in and around Croydon town centre, created by world renowned artists such as Dotmaster, Conor Harrington, BK Fox, Lovepusher and Cityzen Kane. The festival will also feature a huge free public events programme, incorporating talks, tours, walks, workshops and parties.

RISEfestival has two key aims. Firstly, to remove barriers to art and help the community engage with it. Secondly, to bring more people into the borough, presenting the new face of Croydon to the public and helping to change the perception of the town whilst it is being transformed via a regeneration project worth £5 billion.

Connected Space is developing this urban way-finder app for RISEfestival, built on the company’s technology platform. The app includes a live-mapping powered ‘guided tour’ of the street artworks around the town, with images and audio descriptions of each installation. Users

Artworks by Whatshisname and Schoony will appear as app-only exclusives. This means the work will appear on the screen in real-time, enabling the user to explore the pieces using the environment around them. These unique extras unlock in the app depending on the users location, and add an extra layer to the RISEfestival experience.

The app will also include information on the other events happening across the town, and the option for users to give feedback on their visit.

Behind the scenes, the app will collect deep user behavioural analytics on the number of visits, the duration of single and total visits, and the number of repeat visits. As well as information on routes, dwell times, engagements, and feedback from visitors. This will help show return on investment to the event sponsors and give vital information to help build the case for future exhibitions.

The RISEfestival app is available to download now.



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LG Builds on Sucessful G7 Series Platform with Two More Accessible SmartPhones


At IFA 2018, LG Electronics (LG) will be introducing two exciting additions to the G7 series of smartphones with the LG G7 One and LG G7 Fit. Building on the foundation of the advanced LG G7 ThinQ, both of the new phones offer a balance of premium features and exceptional prices for discerning customers.

Many consumers today are turning their attention to legacy flagship smartphones which are seen as offering better values compared to the newest mid-range models. These customers aren’t satisfied with mediocre components but also don’t want to pay for over-the-top features in some of today’s premium phones that they will never use. The challenge is finding the smartphone with just the right balance.

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Mobile Photography & Art – My Top Five Apps by Em Kachouro


We are revitalising our Top Five Apps section to our Photo App Lounge column. This a section within TheAppWhisperer where we ask highly accomplished mobile photographers and artists to list their top five apps and to explain why they have selected them. Kicking us off today is mobile photographer and artist, Em Kachouro, take a look!

All images ©Em Kachouro

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New! Mobile Photography – App of the Day – The Photographer’s Ephemeris – Android & iOS


As part of our new section, ‘App of the Day’, we want to ensure that you’re up to speed with the very best photography, art and videography apps, across all platforms. The Google Play store is now bursting with photography apps, that more often than not, are also available on iOS too. Days of fragmentation with the Android system are fading and the hardware is good too. The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE) is a brilliant app and one that’s available across iOS and Android platforms. The Photographer’s Ephemeris is a powerful application to help you plan outdoor photography in natural light, especially landscape and urban scenes. It is a map-centric sun and moon calculator: see how the light will fall on the land, day or night, for any location on earth.

It must be pointed out that the Android version of this app is not as rich as the iOS version and this is reflected in the price. However, this app is hugely popular across both platforms and that’s simply because it is an essential tool for anyone who needing access to this information.

Just updated, TPE 4.0 offers a number of new features, making use of the Augmented Reality using ARKit – not to be missed!

$8.99 – iTunes Store (iOS)

$2.99 – Google Play (Android)

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