Mobile Photography – Moment announces new 58mm Tele Lens

Mobile Photography – Moment announces new 58mm Tele Lens


Moment, the maker of conversion lenses for smartphones has introduced a new 58mm tele lens. With a 6 element design and priced at $99, it is the most complex lens in the Moment line-up and is the sharpest lens it has made, says the company, 

The new 58mm has been optimized for dual camera setups such as those on the latest Apple iPhone, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy models, where it will capture a typical x4 magnification when used in-conjunction with smartphone’s  built-tele lens. Used on the main camera, the new lens will provide a x2 magnification. 

Like all Moment lenses the new 58 mm requires a case to fit the lens to. Cases for designed for devices with dual rear cameras  allow you to reposition the 58mm over either lens.Smartphones with single rear cameras can also benefit of course, the new lens will work with every phone the company makes a case for. Moment cases start from $23.99.  

For a limited time the new news lens is offered at with a reduction of $20 exclusively from the Moment website. The offer ends 11.16.

Check pricing and availability of Moment gear at Amazon. The new 58mm is not currently listed.


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