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Mobile Art and Photography That Has Influenced Me with Petyr Campos from Chicago, Illinois, United States

We are delighted to bring you the twentieth in our brand new Mobile Art and Photography that has Influenced Me series of interviews at TheAppWhispererWithin this series, we contact well established and highly regarded mobile photographers and artists and ask them a sequence of questions. Each one relates to mobile art and photography that has inveigled and continues to impact them, by other mobile artists throughout the world. Our twentieth interview is with Petyr Campos from Chicago, United States, enjoy!

In this interview, Campos cites work by: Eliza Badoiu, Cedric Blanchon, Roger Guetta, Peter Zelei, Jennifer Sharpe and Sara Tune.

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(foreword by Joanne Carter)


The Image That Is Currently In The Forefront Of My Mind

I suffer from depression so this image really speaks to me. I’ve suffer from depression most of my life and never knew it. It’s reincarnated itself from childhood through to adulthood. Not the kind of person you want to take on a trip with , but it’s here for the ride. Watch a gonna do. Eliza Badoiu (@elizabadoiu).

©Eliza Badoiu

The Image I Wish I Had Created

“Henry, portrait of a cereal killer.” Cedric Blanchon (@cedricblanchon), 2014

“Henry, portrait of a cereal killer.” ©Cedric Blanchon, 2014

Artwork That Has Influenced My Art

Roger Guetta a.k.a draman (@draman) is one of my favorite artists. He has influenced my thinking in how to incorporate different elements within an image, lines, color and text. He takes all these elements and creates something from nothing. Roger has shown me the possibilities of what mobile photography can be and for that I’m grateful.

‘Second Act Of A Three Act Play’ ©Roger Guetta

The Image That Is The Most Underrated

As a rider of public transportation you know there is a lot to see if you keep your eyes open. @shypassenger – J E Sharpe

‘Be stiff, b-babies be stiff… (or something like that) (DEVO)’ ©J E Sharpe

The Most Recent Image That Made Me Smile

I’ve always been drawn to images that are out of the ordinary. They usually make me smile. @peter_zelei_images, Peter Zelei

‘From time to time we have to clean up our shit’ ©Peter Zelei

The Image I Would Most Like To Give As A Gift

I pretty much like everything Sara (@tune_omatic) creates. In short, I love her imagination and creativity. I love the way she blends elements together to create a complete picture.

‘A Hot Mess’ ©Sara Tune

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