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‘How I Did It’™ with Rad Drew – Creating Captivating Images with DistressedFX


We have just mentioned this brand new section in our post here. We are delighted to publish our very first ‘How I Did It’™ with Rad Drew tutorial, this time with the iOS app – DistressedFX. Please take a look below…

“For iPhone photographers, a big part of the fun is in the post-processing. Distressed FX is one of the easiest, yet most powerful, apps for adding textures, filters, gels, and overlays that give images a vintage, moody, or nostalgic tone”.


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By Rad Drew

Photography has always been synonymous with fun and magic. As a kid, it was fun to compose, fun to capture, magic to develop and process, and fun to share. It was fun to seek out photos and to engage people, and magic to travel to new lands or find the unusual in familiar places. It was magic to convey an emotion or make a point and touch others through visual imagery that I created. As an adult, photography continues to be more fun and magical than I ever dreamed! Despite changes in technology that have occurred during my lifetime, the esthetic of photography remains much the same. The creative mind of the photographer is still the most important element in a great photo. The camera doesn’t create a photograph any more than a hammer designs a building; it’s merely a tool that allows us to create our vision. Today, my camera bag holds two mirrorless cameras, an infrared camera, a point-and-shoot, and the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone X. Of these tools, I credit my use of iPhones since 2010 with providing more opportunities to practice the esthetics of photography, making me a better photographer regardless of the camera I'm using. And photography has never been more fun and magical! Today, my business consists of teaching photography face-to-face and online, and leading tours for mobile and traditional photographers to photogenic locations around the world.
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7 replies on “‘How I Did It’™ with Rad Drew – Creating Captivating Images with DistressedFX”

Thank you Rad and Joanne for this wonderful tutorial. I knew the app was awesome, your tutorial brought out a few tricks that are so helpful. Love the new section and look forward to seeing more.

Hi, Pam, Thanks for your comment. Glad you found a few new tricks. There are so many nooks and crannies in our favorite apps that we all have a lot to share with each other. I’m excited to have this opportunity to share her via TheAppWhisperer!

Nice review, thank you for the tip about uploading your own textures! #learnsomethingneweveryday

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