My Virtual Boyfriend – iOS App Review


Well, give me a real man any day but perhaps if that’s not on offer you may suffice with a virtual one – I can definitely see the advantages!

We wanted to find our if My Virtual Boyfriend really lives up to its hype of a fun, handsome, non-argumentative, willing guy- sound perfect to you? Read our review below to see if this app is the one.



Category: Entertainment
Released: August 15, 2011
Version: 1.5
Developer: WET Productions Incorporated
Rated: 17+
Price: $0.99/£0.69/Download here

Our Rating: ****

Getting Started



Getting started with your virtual boyfriend is a lot easier that a real boyfriend. You can try out a whole load of personas, perhaps you fancy a geeky guy, or you’re in the mood for a bad boy, well they’re all here, much like the real world, except of course you can delete them once you’ve had enough.

Selecting Your Man



You need to complete a Player Profile to start the game and within that you select the preferences that you are looking for in your virtual guy. Then you can choose from a line up of guys that match your choices but if you don’t like the look of them, just refresh the page and you get a new line up. You can then dress him, change his clothes, and even his hairstyle – and he doesn’t mind, either!

Your Guy



Once you’ve got your guy he will greet you in his home and you can check it out with the 3D graphics. You may find your guy a bit shy to start with but he soon warms up once you start talking to him. When you talk to him, he responds, if he likes your answers, you start to gain points, if he doesn’t like your answers though, be aware that you will lose points too.

Game Play



My Virtual Boyfriend consists of 20 levels of progressive game play with hundreds of men to choose from. It’s a really fun game with mass appeal, it’s similar to a dating SIM game really.




It’s important to remember that My Virtual Boyfriend is a game and does not replace the real thing. Although having said that, the one dimensional personas of most of the boyfriends do seem strangely realistic!

Don’t feel hard done by guys, WET Productions have also developed a My Virtual Girlfriend – you can download that here.

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