Super Retro – New iPhoneography App


A new easy to use app that combines filters and effect to create retro looks for your images. Take a look at the features below.

This app retails for $1.99/£1.49 and you can download it here.




➫ Fast loading Camera, do not miss your shot.
Seperate Focus and Exposure for more control.


➫ Fix an almost straight horizon with our finetuned rotate tool, rotate by as little as 0.5° with ease.
Simple 90° rotation button for when the iPhone doesn’t get the rotation right.


➫ Smooth freeform mode, let’s you crop however you like.

➫ Simple preset buttons for square, portrait, landscape and panorama ratio.


➫ Get more details into the dark parts of your photo with the highlight/shadow feature. It’s like magic!

➫ Add multiple effects and filters on top of each other to get your unique look and feel.


Our growing selection of presets allows for quick editing without much work.
Combining our filters & effects to get your unique look is really easy as well
➫ Add multiple filters on top of each other and create your own one-click-effects by adding them to your favourites.


➫ Save your own filter combinations and styles to the favourites tab.

1 thought on “Super Retro – New iPhoneography App”

  1. This is a terrible APP with an even worse marketing campaign. They tricked thousands of people into promoting their APP via social media for free. They also have an outdated ‘idea’. Retro Apps have been here for years what new things do they have to bring to the table? Nothing. Why spend money on this so that the developers can go buy a starbucks when you could get good quality apps like hipstamatic or instagram? Its also very buggy.


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