iPad 3 High-Resolution Display – Confirmed, by MacRumors


Well, there never really was that much doubt but just in case you thought Apple wouldn’t follow through, it has now been confirmed, by MacRumors at least, that indeed the iPad 3 will ship with a 2,048 x 1,536 pixel retina display. Apparently MacRumors were able to obtain one of the iPad 3 displays and examine it under a microscope in order to determine whether it really is a high res display or not. Following their examination they confirmed that the iPad 3 display’s pixels appear to be one quarter of the size of those on the iPad 2.

MacRumors have only managed to obtain a literal iPad 3 display and obviously were unable to power it up but they go go to explain. " We highlighted a cluster of 4 pixels (2×2) from the iPad 2 to compare it to the same area on the iPad 3. On the iPad 3, the same cluster was occupied by 16 pixels (4×4) — exactly twice the resolution in each direction".

Also strongly rumored is that the iPad 3 will come complete with a new quad-cord A6 processor, 4G LTE, improved cameras/lenses and a larger battery.

Apple is expected to announce this gorgeous new device on March 7, 2012. We can’t wait!


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