Third Generation Apple iPad Unboxing Video


Despite not being officially available yet, MacRumors are reporting that the Vietnamese site have managed to film an unboxing video of the brand new third generation iPad.

We’ve got the film below for you to take a look at, if your Vietnamese is good you will follow along quite easily, otherwise you will still get the gist.

As you all probably know the new iPad officially launches this Friday, March 16th and if you’re lucky like us you placed your preorder last week so you should of received your shipping notification by now.

If not, you can still preorder or take your chances outside an Apple store on Friday, apparently the doors open at 8 am but there are limited numbers of iPads available per store, so it’s a bit of a gamble.

We suggest, you click here and preorder, that way you’ll know you’re get one and when it will be delivered.


Unboxing Of Third Generation iPad

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