Top 5 Apps For iPhone Photography – Photo App Lounge – With Dixon Hamby


Welcome to our new Photo App Lounge section of This is a very small area on our site where we ask highly accomplished iPhone photographers what their top five photo apps are and why.

Kicking us off on our new section is Dixon Hamby. We previously interviewed Dixon for both our A Day In The Life Series and Extension Of The I. Dixon is a fantastic mobile travel photographer. He is currently based in Panama and has taken some totally awesome images.

We caught up with Dixon in between shoots and asked him what his top five photo apps are, this is what he said:


Copyright image – Dixon Hamby – ‘Looking for a touchdown on Via Espana’

Number 1 – ProCamera



This is my favorite app for shooting. It has great control of exposure and focus. Plus big buttons, anti-shake and more. It’s rare to find a serious iPhone photographer that doesn’t use this as their favorite camera app.


Number 2 – Camera+



This is my go to app. I use the Clarity filter on almost every photo I shoot. It totally improves the overall appearance and pulls out the shadows. 


Number 3 – Photoshop Express



This is still my go to app for black and white photography. I really like the controls. I find it easy to control contrast, exposure and sharpness and like the interface.


Number 4 -Filterstorm


The most powerful photo app. I come from a photography/design background and used Photoshop since 1.0. This app comes the closest to Photoshop. Curves with masks is only one of its useful applications. Note:  the latest version is buggy but developer says he is working on it. 


Number 5 – AutoStitch


Just because sometimes you just need to make a panorama. 


Final Word



Perfectly Clear is an app I no longer use but think it is a must for the casual iPhone photographer. Very easily improves any photos contrast, exposure, vibrancy and sharpens. I recommend it to everyone with an iPhone.


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