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Top 5 iPhone Photography Apps – Paula Gardener

Welcome to the new Photo App Lounge section of theappwhisperer.com. This is a small but core area on our site where we ask highly accomplished iPhone photographers what their top five photo apps are and why they appeal.

Today, we are featuring photographer Paula Gardener. Paula is a very talented mobile photographer based in Kent, England. As well as being the principal photographer and owner of Jahsharn Photography, Paula is incredibly passionate about photography. ‘All my photographs tell a story…’, she says, ‘the interpretation might change depending on who’s reading it. Nevertheless it’s a story.’

We caught up with Paula in between her busy schedule, balancing her photography business with the demands of family life, and and asked her what her top five photo apps are, and this is what she said…


Time Stands Still, copyright 2012, Paula Gardener, Jahsharn Photography™

No 1 – Snapseed



‘I always shoot with the iPhone 4 camera, however my post work flow always starts with Snapseed. It is so versatile in its approach to editing. You have more control over the subtle or extreme filters within the app. As a photographer I’ve used software like Adobe Lightroom and I feel Snapseed mimics a lot of the process I would do when using Lightroom.’

$4.99 / £2.99 / download

No.2 – Decim8



‘I love Decim8 however you have to be able to assess what images would work well with this extreme deconstruction type editing. It’s pretty much a sit back and let it do all the work for you kind of app. However with this said the results can be amazing, I’ve used this for a lot of my portrait work. Definitely a keeper!’

$0.99 / £0.69 / download

No.3 – Camera Awesome



‘This app came out recently and it has really blown me away! It is so user friendly, with basic editing functions! The results however are far from basic looking, the right filter can really transform an image instantly. Moreover it’s the first app for me that has a large selection of subtle and non-intrusive borders. That can truly complete an image.’

Free to download

No.4 – Scratchcam FX



‘This has to be the king of grunge when it comes to those types of filters. Again very user friendly, letting switch on and off filters and decide how much you want it to effect the original image. Until recently I didn’t realise you could tap on each affect to change the appearance in contrast. A truly remarkable app!’

$1.99 / £1.49 / download

No.5 – Image Blender



‘I use this app mainly to tone down the effects from other apps. Additionally I use it to combine two effects on the same image. For example I will use an app like Watercolour on an image and use ScratchCam on a duplicate image subsequently blending them both together to create a perfect combination.’

$2.99 / £1.99 / download


More of Paula’s work can be found at Jahsharn Photography.

Kevin Carter is Head of Technical Hardware for theappwhisperer.com as well as ED of Digital Journal of Photography (DJP). Not one to sit still for long, Kevin is also a Professional Photographer and Technical Editor/Lens Guru for a number of technology and photography titles. These include the British Journal of Photography, Professional Photographer, Digital Photo Pro, DSLR User, Digital Photographer, CNET UK, PhotographyBLOG, MacUser and PC PRO, as well as PC Format and MacFormat, among others. Recently he became the Lead Technical Editor for DxOMark.


    • Paula Gardener (Jahsharn)

      You’re welcome, I’m always discovering things new with all my apps! It’s ddefinitely a continual learning process.