Pick Up An iPhone 4S With A 25% Discount


Sounds too good to be true? We know, but it is true. Sprint in the US are offering the iPhone 4S for only $149.99, that’s $50 off their normal retail price of a 16GB iPhone 4S with a two year contract. For an Apple product, a discount is usually unheard of.

So, why do you think they’re discounting these products? Of course, the iPhone 5 is due to be announced next month and should be available to purchase not long after but could that be too obvious? Most people in the US purchase their iPhone’s through other carriers, such as AT&T and Verizon, Sprint is the least popular, so this is definitely one sure way of turning that around. Currently AT&T and Verizon are still selling the same device for $199.99, but we’ll keep an eye on that.

We’re waiting anxiously for the iPhone 5 but if you’ve yet to pick up an iPhone 4S, or are not too bothered about having the latest and greatest device then this is an excellent time to save some bucks and pick up the awesome iPhone 4S.

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