KLYP – The first pro-quality LED light unit for iPhones 4/4S from Manfrotto – New


KLYP is the first iPhone case designed specifically by Manfrotto to improve your iPhone photos, videos and videocalls by letting you attach image-enhancing accessories like LED lights and supports. It allows the mounting of Manfrotto LED lights – the best way to enhance your iPhone videos and still photos in low light. Strobe light can’t sync with the iPhone’s rolling shutter, but continuous LED light works fine.

The innovative KLYP case also allows your iPhone to be fitted to a tripod or other camera support, further improving the sharpness and detail of your images. Easy-fit two piece design offers full protection of your iPhone, with felt inserts to prevent scratching and damage.”Soft – Touch” coating gives an elegant, pleasant-to-hold feel to the KLYP. Full access to all controls retained.

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Why use a Manfrotto LED Light when the iPhone has a built-in LED?



The iPhone has a single LED bulb: it’s not very powerful, it drains the phone’s battery and – worst of all – it casts an unflattering greenish light in photos and videos. Manfrotto LED units like the compact ML240 offer a much brighter, more flattering constant light that’s as neutral as daylight.
And they use external batteries, so you won’t run your phone down.Until now, using an external light with the iPhone has been difficult, but Manfrotto’s first smartphone accessory is set to change that: KLYP is an iPhone case designed specifically to attach LED light units and other accessories to change your photos and videos from snaps to treasures.





Bring light and life to your iPhotos and iMovies. Manfrotto KLYP + Manfrotto LED


  • Add good quality, HD-friendly light to improve your videos and pictures, or even just your skype and FaceTime calls
  • Get great, natural skin tones for more flattering portraits
  • Dimmable light, for full exposure control (ML240 upwards)
  • Stylish and easy to use
  • Reliable, durable build quality

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