Exclusive – Blux Camera For iPad To Hit App Store November 16th, 2012


We’ve mentioned Blux Camera for iPhone 5/5th generation iPod Touch, many times here on theappwhisperer.com and we’re delighted to be able to announce that the iPad version will be released in two days time. The intuitive UI allows you to select filters and effects with a simple swipe of the thumb while still holding the iPad with both hands. Now you can make and create stunning photographs in real-time with the help of Photographic Environment Analysis and Recommendation (P.E.A.R.) technology and the iPad’s crystal-clear viewfinder.

We have a sample and will be putting it through its paces, but for now, here’s the press blurb…




· The super sleek UI transforms your iPad into a custom-designed camera, so you can effortlessly create amazing photos without moving your hands, and instantly share them with ease.

· Full-screen display lets you see every detail as you adjust the settings in real-time, so you can snap the perfect photo every time without post-editing.

· P.E.A.R. is a speech-capable artificial intelligence based photographic assistant that helps you to take the best possible photos by collecting and analyzing your light, weather and location information, along with subject recognition, and recommends the optimum shooting mode for your current conditions. A professional photographer built right into your camera!

· Features include real-time photo adjustment in full retina display, custom filters and scene modes, photographic tools and a cutting-edge image processing engine.

Simple enough for an amateur, yet sophisticated enough for a professional, Blux Camera provides unique features to serve everyone’s needs. Whether you’re a parent, businessperson, student, artist, or an amateur or professional photographer, Blux Camera provides scene modes, widgets, P.E.A.R. technology, and other functions to guarantee that you will get your ideal photo the first time every time, regardless of the weather, lighting, photographic experience, industry, or subject.


Once released this app will retail for $2.99/£1.99. Currently the iPhone 5 and 5th generation iPod Touch version is in the Apple app store, here. An Android version is coming very soon.

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