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MyPadLive – Reserved For Nina – Part One of Four


We’re delighted to publish another video tutorial by our esteemed Columnist Teri Lou Dantzler in her Column with us ‘MyPadLive’. This tutorial is in four parts and this is the first. Teri Lou explains the workflow process of several applications, in this Part One Teri Lou explains the overall steps and the app Word Foto. We hope you find this video as inspiring and creative as we do. Over to you Teri Lou… (foreword by Joanne Carter).




Video Demonstration


Teri Lou Dantzler is a professional Photographer with the creativity and insight that it takes to craft artistic images. Her camera of choice is the iPhone and her processing device is an iPad; both are loaded with many photographic applications and are conveniently with her all the time. Teri Lou’s vast knowledge of these applications has earned her the title of “iPhone Guru” and ‘App Queen.” As an instructor of iPhone Photography workshops and online courses her goal is to inspire, motivate and demonstrate what is photographically possible when using these devices and applications. Visit her inspirational site to see amazing images and for additional information regarding online courses and workshops.