iColorama – Updated


iColorama has for iPad has just been updated and it’s definitely worth grabbing this. There’s a bug fix with photo orientation using the iPad 2. There’s also some blend modes for styles, gradients and grunge textures. There’s also been a few ‘relocations’, if you’re searching for Bleach after this upgrade, you’ll find it in Styles: Shadows.

This is a free update if you have previously download this app, this app retails for $1.99/£1.49. Download/Update here.




1 thought on “iColorama – Updated”

  1. iColorama rocks!
    It is an outstanding application and is peerless, IMHO, in what it has to offer the iPhoneographer. It does everything, apart from making the coffee … but I am sure that will come in a future update!
    Teresa is an amazing developer who takes her users to heart and provides them with all the functionality their hearts desire … and then some!
    Highly recommended.


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