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Streets Ahead – Second Edition – With Maddy McCoy and JQ Gaines


We’re delighted to publish the Second Edition of Streets Ahead, the wonderful Women’s Street Photography Column that both Maddy McCoy and JQ Gaines run. This is an incredibly exciting Column and if you would like to learn more about it, go here.

If you would like to join the Streets Ahead Flickr group, please go here – over to you Maddy and JQ (foreward by Joanne Carter).

“We would like to thank everyone for participating in the Streets Ahead Flickr group. There were many fantastic submissions and we were extremely impressed with the quality of the images. For this weeks Streets Ahead Showcase we each picked our 5 favorite images from this week’s Streets Ahead Flickr group submissions. We then wrote a little something on why each was chosen. We have to say that it was extremely difficult to narrow our decisions down to only 10 images, as there were so many worthy photos submitted. We will repeat this process each week.

We look forward to seeing your best mobile street shots.


JQ’s Top Selections


30 Feet High by Michmutters (Michelle Robinson)

I like how the strong lines and tones force our eyes upward into a field of bright light… while the gray tones of the building beautifully divide the overall space. And then, there’s the fact that the person is suspended high into the air which lends a mood of dangerand risk…. all while the photographer has clearly positioned herself closely underneath him so that she could capture this shot. This image is packed with a lot of geometry, shade variations, suspense and adventure.


Handsome Passenger by odilonvert (Jennifer Sharpe)

I was immediately drawn to this image when I first saw it in the Flickr group. I love the direct head-on, upclose perspective… as well as the strong, clean graphic quality. The elements that truly satisfied me were the many repetitive lines that are found in the creases of his clothes (shirt and pants) and the angles of his arms… each one of them beautifully reinforcing a strong diagonal position. Nice capture!


IMAGE_116.jpeg by SLP (Stefanie LePape)

At first glance this seemed like just an ordinary subway shot… but the more I looked at it, the more I realized why I was drawn to it. This is a photograph that nicely captures the atmosphere and energy in the Underground. The man in the foreground is blurred, which gives the impression of fast movement and anonymity… while the train in the background is stationary and clearly visible. The subtle implications in this reflects how our attention is focused on which train has just arrived or left the station, while people just pass us by… unnoticed.


Untitled By Louise Fryer

This photograph has a rich combination of tones and textures. The dark shadows on the buildings contrasted against the bright light shining on the street divides the overall surface into 3 separate sections of light, medium and dark. For me, this image has such a fantastic painterly feel to it… very nicely seen and captured!



The Conversation by Lumilyon (Nettie Edwards)

I really enjoy the cinematic ambiance in this image. Initially, I found myself reveling in all the shapes, lines and street reflections on the wall. But then I realized that I was really fascinated by was the woman’s reflection in the mirror. I was visually disoriented… yet intrigued! Here are two people facing the same direction, engaged in an intimate conversation. The woman is clearly paying close attention to what he’s saying, however she is sitting behind the man looking at his back. What a wonderfully surreal dimension to an “ordinary” capture of a moment!

Maddy’s Selections



Oh to be 13… by cecily123 (Cecily Mariece Caceu)

I ADORE this! I love this girl. I love the composition. I love the color. I love the hyper focus and the dreamy edges. I love the graffiti and the label that she is sporting on her pant leg. She is present. She is not. She is 13.



New York Spirit by jeanette_serrat

I’ve known Jeanette for almost two years now and for the past two weeks I’ve come to realize that I hardly know her at all. I am the guilty party in this relationship, as I simply wasn’t looking hard enough. I wasn’t seeing the world as Jeanette does. Her photographs are subtle, they are often unassuming. I passed by this image three (three!!) times before it knocked my over the head. Only on the forth pass did I see it’s exceptional composition and it’s wonderful depth. Only on the forth pass did this image invoke in me its sense of nostalgic warmth and connection. In social media, we rush through so many images in such a short amount of time that the quite powerhouses often go unnoticed. I apologize for my haste, Jeanette. This is splendid.


Untitled by louisefryer

What kills me about this photo is that I have a feeling Louise probably snapped it on the go, almost as an overthought as she was walking down the street. Her “eye” was calling the shots, and she took them, as she walked. That, my friends, is called a gift.



Eyes for life by kattiab

The bus of humanity will be making stops at Weary Way, Day Dreaming Drive and Curiosity Corner. But, I digress…

Just look at those marvelous faces! Look at that beautiful panorama of life that we are lucky enough to have a glimpse of. Each face belongs to, undoubtedly, a remarkable woman in her own sphere of life. All on their own journey. All captured in a passing moment. All unforgettable.



Standing in the Rain by Tuba Korhan

Hello, Tuba Korham.
I do not know you, but I like how you see.
All mysterious and blurry with a dose of passivity.

The use of Percolator in a mobile street shot….
It was rumored to be impossible, but you’ve shown that its not.

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JQ's background is in painting and printmaking at the Pratt Institute, she also owned and operated a Books Arts & Textiles Studio in NYC. Three years ago JQ discovered mobile photography and her work has been exhibited in a number of exhibitions around the world.