Manfrotto Launches KLYP iPhone 5 Case, App And PIXI Tripod


Manfrotto has launched the new KLYP iPhone 5 case, a KLYPApp and the PIXI Tripod. Manfrotto’s KLYP case offers a stylish functional method for attaching any camera support and additional light to the iPhone 5 with it’s two 1/4 thread and cold-shoe ‘clip on’ connectors. The KlypApp works on a hands free basis, allowing you to capture images and videos with the clap of your hands to release the shutter.

The continuous LED light, to mount on top of the KLYP case guarantees brighter images in low light situations, vivid colour, natural skin tones all the time avoiding ‘red eye’.

The KLYP case for the iPhone 5 is made of a rigid polycarbonate to prevent scratches and damage, featuring a quality soft touch coating and silky smooth appearance and feel.

Read more about the new case and PIXI tripod below and if you’d like to download the app, click here.






There are various combinations you can pick this case up in, either with an LED light or not. The case on it’s own retails for £24.95 and you can purchase it here.

View The Promotional Video Here




Versatile, lightweight and portable with gorgeous italian styling. PIXI sets the new standard for mini tripods. A support which is as beautiful as your pictures will be. Create Extraordinary Effects
PIXI is a stable support that helps you achieve gorgeous images. PIXI is small and light enough to fit in any bag so it is always with you in every situation.



The PIXI Mini Tripod retails for £24.95 and you can purchase it here.

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