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B&H launches new iOS Photo iPad app, ‘the B&H Photo iPad app provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to browse and purchase items from B&H, effortlessly. Does it do a better job than other store-based apps? Check out the intuitive controls and smooth animations, complemented by a clean, uncluttered design, and judge for yourself. The B&H Photo iPad app enhances your online shopping experience with B&H, especially while you’re on the go’.

You can read more about this app below, and if you’d like to head over and download it straight away, go here.



The first thing you’ll notice about the B&H Photo iPad app is that clean user interface with smooth animations. Choose a category on the left side to open a subcategory. From there, you can continue to specify the products you would like to see and narrow down your choices. If you already know exactly what you want, you can type the product name in the search bar located on the top right of the app.



When you decide to look at a single product in detail, you’ll be able to see the product highlights on the right side of your screen while viewing the product images on the left side. Also, you can switch between product highlights, product overview, specifications, customer reviews, and recommended accessories on the right side. Some products will have PDF files for manuals, user guides, and even rebate forms readily available for you to download. This option lets you learn more about the product before you buy it, or allows you to get started on the rebate process right after you have purchased your product.



Speaking of purchasing, the B&H Photo iPad app allows you to buy products through the app using your B&H account. Just add the products you want to the cart, and you’ll be treated with a special animation that you’ll often see in the B&H SuperStore. Once you’re signed in with your B&H account, you’ll be able to view your order history, wishlists, your shipping and billing information. You can also check out with credit cards, as well as save them to your B&H account—so you don’t have to reënter them each time you check out. You can also use PayPal or Google Wallet if you have those accounts set up.



While you can view descriptions, features, and specifications of products as well as purchase them online, sometimes you just need a second opinion from a professional. In that case, you can tap on the photo of the B&H SuperStore on the main page to open up iOS Maps with the B&H SuperStore pinned. With access to step-by-step directions, you’ll be able to visit the B&H SuperStore with ease. The address and phone number of the B&H SuperStore is also displayed, as well as the Hours of Operation for the day. You can also view the Hours of Operation for both the SuperStore and telephone sales for the entire week, if you need to plan ahead. Need to contact B&H? Just tap on the Contact Us option to see phone numbers for the executive offices, sales department and customer service. You also have an added option to email customer service if you need to send attachments or other forms.

The B&H Photo iPad app is available for download in the iOS App Store.

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