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Not a major update but relishing our 100MB brand new Broadband speed that was installed yesterday, many thanks to Virgin Media – we decided to do a little housekeeping on the site. One area that we’re sure you will be delighted to find is that we have grouped the sections together for easy finding. So for example, if you head over to Columns from the top menu and hover over that, you will see the full listing of all of our Columns, if you have particular favorite sections, such as Streets Ahead or Grays Anatomy, just click on those and you will be taken to all the articles within those sections.

Similarly, if you like reading the tutorials and we know this is one of our most popular sections, so we know you do, then hover over Tutorials and you will see the categories separated into Technical Tutorials, Creative Tutorials, Video Tutorials etc. There will be some overlaps, such as Dan Marcolina’s iObsess column which mainly features technical tutorials, so the articles for each will appear in his iObsess Column as well as under Technical Tutorials.

Take a look and let us know if this is easier for you all to navigate.


Example Of The New Columns Look





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