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Welcome to our Photo App Lounge section of This is an area on our site where we ask highly accomplished mobile photographers what their top five photo apps are and why.

We recently published the Top Five Photo Apps as recommended by Yannick Brice , Cedric Blanchon, Irene Sneddon, our Columnist and Award Winning Mobile Artist Sarah Jarrett as well as Louise Fryer, Lisa Waddell, Davide Capponi, Ali Jardine , Clint Cline, Elaina Wilcox, France Freeman and Tess Gomm’s Top Five Photo Apps including accompanying images demonstrating these selections.

Lola Mitchell is another one of our outstanding Columnist’s and writes The App Nerds Column contributing bi-monthly – it’s effectively a virtual classroom, an environment for new talent to share their work, for Lola to share some of the ways she uses apps and for the not so new talent to share some secrets. Lola sometimes assign broad themes to keep the creative juices flowing. It’s a place where sharing and creativity abound. All minds are tickled into creating, experimenting, daring, dreaming, making, doing. We have a special Flickr group where you can submit your images for submission to this Column.

You’re going to love this article of that we’re sure…


1. Superimpose

This is my to go app, to add texture or even to make one out of several macro shots I have(example below). For collages but also when I want to make one photo out of two photos seamlessly (you like the hair and the face of another pic for example). I love playing with the blending options and you can also save your masks.



©Lola Mitchell



2. Procreate

This one I use to add hair or even paint the whole background out. Discovering this app gave me wings. I also use it for example when I want to expand a photo. I will leave some white space on the canvas to paste something on it better or add.



©Lola Mitchell




3. Glaze

Best app to add texture and dimension to your photo. I usually use it and blend in what I want in Image Blender. You can see it in the photo above and this one below. Both have procreate and glaze as the main apps.



©Lola Mitchell




4. Hipstamatic

Still one of the apps I go back to go. My favorite combo always changes. It is still often the base, the beginning of a picture. It is also one I use for my family pics a lot. And yes I buy every new pack, always.



©Lola Mitchell



5. Elasticam


This little app is fantastic, you can warp, make eyes bigger, transform a background. Transform a neck like in the example below.



©Lola Mitchell



This was a very hard selection. I would also include snapseed, icolorama, luminance and image blender.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this with us Lola, and of course you wonderful images. Definitely going to have to revisit some of these apps. I love your work and seeing how you create them. Always inspiring. Thanks again. Liz.


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