Hipstamatic Classic Update for iOS 7 – With New Seven HipstaPak – Now Available!


Hipstamatic Classic has a new update and a special HipstaPak, just in time for the iOS 7 launch. Here are the goods:

* Brand new UI interface to match the look and feel of iOS 7.

* The Seven HipstaPak: two new cases designed to look awesome with iOS 7, and three new flashes — Juicy Orange, Purple Raindrops, and Leprechaun Tears — to bathe your prints in a splash of color.

* Requirements: iOS 6 and above. Those of you still on iOS 5 can keep running your current version, but all these new bells and whistles now require at least iOS 6.

We’re really excited about the Seven HipstaPak. New flashes have been a big request from the community, and the new cases — available in black and white — look pretty sweet with iOS 7.

We’ll have a link to the new gear in just a moment – here’s the link





3 thoughts on “Hipstamatic Classic Update for iOS 7 – With New Seven HipstaPak – Now Available!”

  1. I absolutely love the new flat cases! I know its completely against the grain of what Hipsta is all about and lacks any retro style but I actually like it better!


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