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StreetVIEW – 24 Hour Street Project – The Interviews by Laura Peischl

We are so delighted to publish this fabulous article and series of ten interviews by Laura Peischl to her StreetVIEW column here at theappwhisperer. Laura took part in the third #24HourProject and this year its popularity has really taken off. Not only did Laura take part but she also contacted a group of photographers who also took part from all around the world and interviewed them. It’s a phenomenal article, we have separated the interviews out into individual posts for ease of reading, you’re going to love this! In this introduction we have also published below three of Laura’s fabulous images from this project. Over to you Laura…(foreword by Joanne Carter).


“Last Saturday at 00:00 hrs sharp, I snuck out of a most enjoyable birthday party of one of my best friends. Starting, what turned into the most exciting, creative but also tiring artistic experience in my photographic life, I documented the streets of Vienna for 24 hours in 24 images (one every hour.)

This really unique event that happens over IG once a year reached it’s third birthday. With an ever increasing participation from many cities all around the world, it just gets more exciting each time this event takes place. I’m sure you want to know more about this project, and who better to inform us more about the #24hourproject if not Renzo Grande @aliveinnyc and Sam Smotherman @whittiersam. They are the two initiators of this wonderful project and definitely have all the answers. So over to Renzo and Sam:

Sam: “It was through Instagram. I had an idea about a personal project I wanted to do, but more than likely I wouldn’t have done. One day Renzo posted an open call for folks who had a project they do together and I responded.”

Renzo: “The initial idea was to compare the east and west coast. Then we brainstormed, consolidated other ideas and invited street photographer friends in Instagram who we knew could contribute to the initial theme of documenting the human condition.

The first edition of the project consisted on 65 street photographers, then we were 300 on the 2nd edition and now on this third edition we were 900 street photographers in 312 cities from 72 countries.

We are now excited to be working towards a global interactive online gallery, a travel exhibition and other great things which we will soon share with everyone. To know more about the project please visit and you can also subscribe to the newsletter.”

I also invited 10 mobile photographers who, like me, walked the streets of their city in the attempt to capture frames of everyday life. As they are now well rested again, they are here to answer a few questions about how their experience was during those exciting 24 hours…

Please follow the following links to view the first five published interviews

Brad Puet

Fabs Grassi

Maddy McCoy

Meri Kukkavaara

Oliver Lang

Grace Brignolle

Sheldon Serkin

Jennifer Bracewell

Kattia Basile

AikBeng Chia



Image – ©Laura Peischl


Image – ©Laura Peischl


Image – ©Laura Peischl

Laura Peischl (iSnob) was born in Romania, later she moved to Vienna, Austria where she studied German Studies and Psychology at the University of Vienna and has been based in Malta since 2004. Laura has been featured in various leading mobile photography websites and magazines. Her works have been displayed in numerous solo and/or collective exhibitions around the world. Her images have been mainly displayed in the United States including the OCCCA (Orange County Centre of Contemporary Art, The Lunch BOX Gallery in Miami, The Giorgi Gallery in Berkeley, California, Studio b in Florida, Philadelphia, Colorado as well as in LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012. Laura has also been teaching online iPhoneography courses at for sometime now.