Mobile Photo Essays – Tips On Structuring Yours


Hopefully you have seen and read our introductory article with excellent tips to get you started creating your own Mobile Photo Essays, if not, please go here. This article will give you ideas on structuring your photo essay, there’s nothing cast in stone. You may wish to use a combination of these options.




If your photo essay is demonstrating how something is created (literal or not) from beginning to end then this is a good format. It could be the creation of an art painting, or something like an arrest – both are relevant.



This does not have to be ‘real time’ it can be implied but you can use time to structure your essay.



Sometimes it might be more appropriate to pick out highlights, this offers an alternative to a structureless essay. Examples of this could include a natural disaster or the death of a public figure. News organizations quite often use this technique and also use a number of photographers and perhaps more commonly now, citizen journalists at the scene to provide content.

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