Nico Brons – Graduates With A Masters Degree In iPhone Art


Nico Brons is a very well known and accomplished mobile photographer and in December 2013 he graduated with a Masters Degree of photography with iPhone Art. He graduated from the Photo Academy, the largest and most ambitious establishment to study Photography in the Netherlands.

This graduation project was undertaken solely with the iPhone. Brons created a book with iPhone art and poetry. He contacted a Arjen van der Linden, a poet from Amersfoort to make poetry with his images, it was a fabulous collaboration. The books consists of 60 pages, 25 images and 25 poems and some introductory text. Further on there is music to accompany the images and poetry.

Earlier this year accompanied by the jazz lounge band ‘De Koffers’ the book was portrayed in the ‘De Lieve Vrouw’ theatre in Amersfoort.

Many congratulations to Nico, fabulous achievement!








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