iOS Photography App – Psychometry|Photographs by Carol Golemboski – Temporarily Free


We have featured this app several times on theappwhisperer, it’s an app that’s bursting with intrigue and imagination.  Carol Golemboski uses antiquated objects as metaphors in carefully staged scenes. Her process, defined by the use of black and white film and traditional darkroom printing, combines photography and drawing in ambiguous and provocative ways. Her psychologically charged still life images draw on past eras to suggest the continuum of human emotions and anxieties, particularly relating to the experience of women.

It’s a thoroughly immersing and intelligent app and it has been updated for iOS 8 but is compatible with iOS 6 onwards.  Usually Psychometry retails for $4.99/£2.99 but from now until the end of October it is free.  Click here to download and ‘lose’ yourselves for a little while.


4 thoughts on “iOS Photography App – Psychometry|Photographs by Carol Golemboski – Temporarily Free”

  1. Joanne,

    First thank you for the link, am downloading as I type this out.
    I am doing a lot of personal work in B/W. Which brings me to this. The idea of seduction of color. To get to an emotional impact of an image, it is usually a limited palette painting or a monotone/ duo tone photo that helps the viewer grasp or intuit the the abstract aspect of emotion or emotional response.

    Reminds me of the mid to late 90s voyager CD-ROM Scrutiny and the big round ( I do not remember if that is the official title ). Looking forward to getting lost in a dreamscape void with this.

    Be well.


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