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Welcome the sixty fifth showcase in our Mobile Movies Column, curated and edited by Vanessa Vox and Giulia Baita.  Every two weeks Vox and Baita will curate the movie uploads to our Flickr group MobileMoviesTheAppWhisperer.  They will view all the videos uploaded and comment on the ones selected.

Within this selection today, both Vox and Baita have curated the movies and Baita has written the commentary for this week, this will alternate (foreword by Joanne Carter).

All of the entries were either shot or created on mobile devices. Many congratulations to: Karen Axelrad, Tom, Columsovsleep and Ile Mont.

Please join our growing mobile movies community.  We are a very enthusiastic and supportive group of artists.

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NB: Karen Axelrad’s TrueView video is embedded below. We have added links to the other three, due to their individual privacy settings, we are unable to embed the videos within this post at the current time.

Xmas Rush by Karen Axelrad

Xmas Rush
Street Mobile Movie very interesting. The use of time lapse and the night lights in the city contribute to create a dreamlike atmosphere. Shop windows, cars, people walking fast: everything makes us imagine a story, or fuss, perhaps. Great work!

Z-e-i-t-r-a-f-f-e-r by Tom

Flickr link
Quickly parading before us many pictures of the past. Men, women, in groups or alone, people of a time that no longer exists. An alarm clock in the background marks the passage of time and everything has a nostalgic flavor. Very interesting!

Rendezvous by Columnsovsleep.

Flickr link
A car runs fast on a deserted road and in front there is the campaign. Beautiful shades of green and blue landscape pass before us. Music in the background emphasizes the speed of the car. The atmosphere is very pleasant and invites you to let go and reflect.

Alter ego by Ile Mont

Flickr link
An image of a beautiful woman and then look to life, eyes and face move. Motion Portrait App is used perfectly in this case. Eyes looking through a mask found here an ideal movement. Well done!

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