4 Ways Businesses Can Stay Ahead of the Technology Trends

If there is one thing that keeps the challenge going when it comes to running a business, it is keeping up with the competition. The reason that can be so challenging is that they may have more up to date or the freshest technology. They have the next biggest baddest piece of tech that is just tearing up the competition. That competition is you. 

Or are you even in competition with them? Yeah, that kind of stung a little. The point being, that business that has more of the lion’s share of customers is smoking you. How do you catch up with them?

You could go the covert method and obtain a mole in that company who is a double agent, reporting to you what they find, but that is bad karma. I suggest going a more wholesome, honest route and try some things here below that have been introduced.

These methods may be old. They may be new. But maybe they need to be looked at again.

1. Tech Newsletters

There are many websites out there that do nothing but explore new technology and what it can do for people and for businesses. From POS (Point Of Sale) technology to industrial to human resources, they will explore it all. It would not hurt to peruse these sites and subscribe to their newsletters to see if there is anything that you can implement to boost your business numbers a bit.  

2. Peers and Pundits

If a business has created some type of leading-edge technology, you can bet that they want to talk about it and sell it. That is what we all do, right? Do some research and see if you can get in with shows of your industry and make some new friends. Friends who understand the mechanics of your industry and can lend an ear and/or a new tool. Maybe one that no one else knows about yet. Hey, it can happen. 

Do you have a supplier/vendor who can shed some light on your plight? Asking questions is the best way to get an answer. Maybe there are some virtual conferences or webcasts that you can get into that can assist in your endeavors.

It seems like every industry has an expert or two about a specific topic. Do they have a blog? Do they use social media to strut their stuff? Tune into those masters and ask questions. Just reading what they post can bring some clarity to the latest trends that you should know about and possibly acquire and execute. 

There are some out there who rely solely on word of mouth for their knowledge from people that they know and trust. So how about your colleagues? Maybe you can apply your own research and ask your front-line employees to see what they think can expedite.

3. Hire Them

Sometimes the best way to learn of the newest trends is to hire a company to do this very thing for you because that is exactly what they do. Discover more today about how just calling on a company can bring a breath of fresh new technology-rich air into your business and change your world overnight by leveling the proverbial playing field. Or better, shoot your way in front of that competition. 

There are some companies who implement fresh into a business by just squeezing the trigger while aimed at the company. Sure, it can be that easy if you know how. You don’t know how or don’t have time to learn, but they do. Give them the chance to prove it.

4. Alerts

When it comes to keeping up, a book is not going to do it. You need news. The most up-to-date possible news. Search engines like Google and Bing can be set up to send you alerts right to your email box when there is something new that occurs in your industry that you should know about. Be sure to hit the feature in Google first as they are the indisputable champion when it comes to search engines. Hail Marys sometimes work.

A little elbow grease and a bit of smartness can go a long way in the luck department.  And don’t think just because it is not broken, your processes don’t need fixing. When it comes to getting ahead, the sky’s the limit.