6 Tips on How to Create Perfect Photos for Social Media By Your Smartphone

Social media keeps people busy most of the time. Many would spend a lot of hours on social media for various reasons. It may be for business, social connection, or simply taking the time to relax and enjoy browsing their social media accounts. Posting on social media is just a normal activity for many people. They can post anything they want. It can be an article, news, activity, event, and many others. But the most common thing that people post on social media is photos.

If you want your photos to look like it was taken by a professional photographer, then you can follow some photography tips. Even if you are only using your smartphone, you can capture the best photos that you can post on your social media. With these tips, you can get the best photos of whatever you wish to capture, like yourself, your family, friends, food, places, or just about anything. Posting these on your social media will surely grab a lot of likes and hearts.

Tips to Create Perfect Photos for Social Media Using Your Smartphone

Take Care of Your Smartphone’s Camera Lens

To capture a great-looking photo on your smartphone camera, you need to have a clean lens. This will provide you sharp, clear, and bright photos all the time. It is best to wipe the lens before taking photos. You can also take a test shot so you will see if there is any distraction on the lens. It is better to have a glass cleaner ready all the time if you want to make sure that all your photos taken are of good quality and looks. The dirty and dusty lens can affect the clarity of the photo. Get it all cleaned up and make sure that it does not get any scratches or cracks.

Take Multiple Shots

Do not settle with just one shot. When this shot is not good, there is no way to bring back time and retake a photo. Take multiple shots from different angles, poses, positions, and views. This will give you the chance to choose the best shot to post on your social media. If they are all good, then you have plenty of photos to share.

Always Pay Attention to Lighting

The lighting can make or break your photo. No matter how beautiful the view is or the person’s smile, when the lighting is bad, the photo will not come out perfect. Do not take photos that are positioned against the light. The bright side should always face the photo subject. Natural light is still the best to use when taking photos. But if you need to, then purchase photo lighting fixtures and accessories to improve the brightness and color of your photos.

Do not Use Manual Zoom

It can be tempting to use the manual zoom of your smartphone to have a closer shot of the subject. But this can decrease the quality of the photo and make it blurry. If you want to have a close-up shot of a subject, it is better to get closer to it. Keep in mind that natural still works better on photos.

Experiment on Camera Angles

As you take several shots, make sure that you play with your smartphone’s camera angles. Different positions can give various effects to a shot like getting better depth, height, color, and brightness. This will make your photos look more creative.


This is the best thing about using smartphones when taking photos. You can edit the shots with its editing tools. This will give you the photo effects that you would want to achieve. However, do not overdo it, as the photo will appear unnatural and unappealing.

Capturing the best photos with your smartphone can help you make your social media well-visited and viewed. If you are using your social media for business, blogging, or marketing, then the photos you post can help you achieve your goals.

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Whether or not you are a photography student, taking the perfect photos is important, especially when you intend to post them on your social media. Follow these tips, and you will capture perfect photos no matter what mobile phone you are using.