How You Can Make Money from Mobile Photography


Modern smartphones are equipped with a powerful CPU and advanced cameras to provide their users with incredible opportunities. If you are fond of photography, you can try your hand at a mobile one, especially if you are a lucky owner of a top-rated gadget. Things have changed dramatically for the last time, and mobile photos don’t give way to most semi-professional cameras. Thus, you can get the best out of your device and get back the money invested in its purchase. If you lack time to sort things out because you are overwhelmed with assignments, you can turn to the college essay writing service to get a helping hand and receive your papers done on time. So, you will kill two birds with one stone. Most young people wouldn’t mind finding an additional source of income, especially if the latter brings pleasure and doesn’t take much time. The modern world provides many opportunities to sell your intellectual property, you should just install several apps and register on the marketplace. We’ll consider only time-tested ways to increase your income through mobile photography.

1. EyeEm

It represents something between a marketplace where you sell your pics and a social app with a wonderful community. Both iOS and Android users can try their hand at using this app free of charge. You will be provided with different options for signing in, and when this stage is over, you can proceed to sell. Just bear in mind that your pictures will be reviewed before someone will come across them on the platform. Only high-quality photos will get a chance to appear on the marketplace. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will make a deal right after approval of the pic. However, the more high-quality content you share constantly, the higher the likelihood of a successful outcome. The app is user-friendly and can become a convenient way to make some extra cash. Nonetheless, you should know that they will get half of the price tag as a fee for using their platform. Well, even though it may seem unfair, you will have a chance to become a part of the community and attract the attention of some big brands. If you don’t have much time for mobile photography, you should think about custom term paper help to meet this challenge.

2. Foap

If you have always dreamed of cooperating with big companies, it can be your lucky chance. It provides you with an opportunity to sell your photos and videos on the platform for the same fee as the previous app. However, it has one special feature that helps it stand out from the rest. Foap acts as a mediator when it comes to selling pics. In other words, you can open a special section of the app and find out what a brand is searching for, so you can take photos to meet its requirements and increase the likelihood of selling your pics for a good price. Nowadays, many companies are interested in photos that can be used commercially. However, you should get ready for a competitive environment since all the users are on equal par.

3. Snapwire

Unlike the previous apps, this one is aimed at a more professional audience, so it is worth starting with the platforms mentioned above if you are a total rookie. Users create online portfolios and participate in creative challenges, trying to take pics that meet the provided brief. Your main task is to get first nominations since it allows you to increase your level and take part in serious commissioned tasks. In general, you may achieve seven ranks, and each subsequent provides you with a wider range of opportunities. It is crucial to upload only the highest-quality pics since they get through the review. If you succeed in a challenge, you will get up to 70% of the price, but if you sell a pic directly to a buyer, you can count only on 50% of the price. To have more time and energy to make their way on this platform, students can get research paper help online and get rid of the burden.

4. miPic

It is considered one of the simplest ways to sell mobile photos since you should just take pics and upload them to the gallery. Nevertheless, the app has one interesting feature. It allows the company to print and sell your pics on different things. In other words, it represents a print-on-demand application. The team takes care of all the routine, including advertising, printing, shipping, so you may count only on 20% of the final price tag. You should just take care of the high quality of the photos provided. In the case of the deal, you will get a small reward for your effort, but it can still be an awesome way to make additional money, considering a wide range of things that produce. Thus, you will get your piece of pie for every item they sell with your pic on it. However, bear in mind that the app is available only for iOS users and desktop versions.