How to level up fast in Rainbow Six Siege

After the launch Rainbow Six Siege has become one of the most famous first-person shooter games. It is a tactical shooter game available in the market. In this game, you will go nowhere by blind or reckless shooting. You have to wait patiently and wait for your turn. So, if you want to master this game and level up fast, you need some tips and tricks.

Tips and tricks for Rainbow Six Siege

  1. Use the tutorial

Before you jump into the world of Rainbow Six Siege, you should try the Terrorist hunt as your tutorial. Most players skip the tutorial, which is a huge mistake. Even pro-players use this tutorial to polish their skills. Always go solo in this tutorial version. Thus, you can explore the map and use different weapons.

  1. Learn the map

Good knowledge about the map is essential for leveling up fast in Rainbow Six Siege. When you know every map, you can easily win gunfights and use the map to your advantage. Knowing your map is very important in a slow-paced game like Rainbow Six Siege. If you do not know much about the map, you can choose the wrong paths and enter risky hallways, resulting in an instant kill.

  1. Check cameras

When you play on the tutorial version, you can check the location of the cameras. This will help you to find better hiding spots and launch attacks safely. Camera locations can also be used for different advantages. You can shoot the cameras to block the view of several locations. Thus, you will have the upper hand when you are playing the multiplayer version.

  1. Customize the controller

When you are playing the game, you start it with the default setting. As you spend more time on the game, you understand your plus and minus points. It will help you adjust the game’s setting according to your skills. One can always adjust the sensitivity of the controller and play the game smoothly. So, do not hesitate to try out different settings and choose the most comfortable one. This is one of the most liked tips listed on

  1. Try speed play

When you are using the tutorial, try speed playing. This is all about running through the map very fast. There are two benefits of speed playing. The first thing is that you will practice aiming at your targets and learn how to dodge headshots.

  1. Listen carefully

Never rush through Rainbow Six Siege. You have to stay calm and listen carefully. Everything in this game makes a certain kind of sound. When you are listening carefully, you can understand every move of every player, even if they are out of your sight. Thus, listening to the sounds carefully can bring your victory. For better effect, turn off the background music. It will keep you from getting distracted.

  1. Stay quiet

Rainbow Six Siege uses a high-definition audio system. So, even the move you make will be audible. So, try to make no noise if possible. Sprinting may give you speed, but it will also alert your enemies about your location. So, try crouching or walking, which will produce less noise.

  1. Use the drone

If you plan to attack your enemies, entering their room directly by the window or door can cause disaster. If your enemies know your plan, they will shoot you instantly. So, always use a drone to check the room before entering it.

  1. Shoot from covers

If you are planning an attack on your enemies, you first need to select a perfect attacking spot. This spot must provide you with maximum protection. That is why players usually select corners for attacking. On the other hand, shooting can be really difficult if your enemy is under a cover. So, always try to catch them off-guard.

  1. Never waste a drone

Drones are very useful in this game. Wasting them can cause major issues in the later stages of this game. Using the drone to taunt your enemies and create chaos in the team may seem fun, but your drone may get shot instantly. So, always find a hiding spot for the drone so that you can have a good view of the surroundings.


These are the most useful tips that will help you score better in Rainbow Six Siege and level up faster. Apart from these, practicing the game is essential to becoming a pro player. So, keep these tips in mind while practicing and see the improvements yourself.